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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
Creator: Paul Jackson
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
Packager: A. Smith & Co. Productions, Granada America
Origin: Century Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Airs: Thursdays at 9pm ET on Fox

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Twelve Chefs Compete
March 5

Last time in Hell's Kitchen, breakfast was served. But with dinner came a side of sabotage. In the end, BOTH kitchens were shut down and Seth was sent home. And Lacey... was sent to the Blue Team. Will she curry any favor there, or is it going to get too hot for her?

The teams retire to the dorms, while the Red Team is dancing in celebration. Ben said that the blue team is not looking for another Seth. Lacey is just asking for another chance, and if she sucks, then PLEASE put her for elimination.

The next morning, the chefs are sent to Asian market Marukai for today's challenge... Asian fusion (combining cuisines to make exciting new dishes). We'll have to make one poultry, one fish, and one beef dish. Each team has $100 to spend and 25 minutes to spend it. They'll be tested on their teamwork and their ability to innovate.

The Red Team stops to organize, while the Blue Team works as they go. Andrea likes to spout her mouth off. Lacey just want to be heard.

Both teams arrive at the checkout in time and in budget.

Back in the kitchen, Ben takes Lacey under her wing. Meanwhile, Danny & Robert and Giovanni & J are feeling confident. The Red Team duos are still stuck on pause. Lacey's... still trying to make a contribution.

All the chefs' dishes are plated. They'll be judged by editor-in-chef of Tanya Steele. Andrea's stoked. Giovanni... not so much. Winning team will be featured on the website.

Carol & Coi's Pomegranate Chicken vs. Danny & Robert's Pad Thai BBQ Chicken
WINNER: Danny & Robert

Paula & LA's Ahi Tuna Tempura Confit vs. Ben & Lacey's Pan-Seared Scallops
WINNER: Paula & LA

It all comes down to...

Colleen & Andrea's Kobe Beef Sashimi vs. J & Giovanni's... Beef Pizzaiola
WINNER: ... Colleen & Andrea! RED TEAM WINS!

The ladies are going on a day filled with surprises with an Asian influence. The guys... and Lacey... will be making homemade fortune cookies AND decorating the place in origami.

Back at the dorms, it seems that the guys are just as frustrated wtih Lacey as the ladies were. Ben basically tells her not to give up. LAcey sees it as "blowing smoke up (her) ass".

The women say that Lacey being jettisoned to the red team is a great burden lifted off her shoulders. They start their day by... getting to beat on Ramsay.... and Jean-Phillippe. Quality nice. Actually, the two just beat on each other. THen the ladies beat on each other with Ramsay officiating. And by officiating, we mean "telling them to kill each other, not kiss each other".

Back at the kitchen... Origami's proving to be way too challenging.

Meanwhile, the ladies get lit up on sake.

And irony of ironies, Lacey, the chef nobody loves, gets to teach the guys how to make little swans.

The next day, both teams have bonded and both teams are determined to give it their all in the dinner service tonight. Five minutes before the doors open, Lacey tells us that Ben's been taking her under his wing. Meanwhile, the tuna dish from yesterday was so good that Ramsay is putting it on the menu. Last time, we went three feet back. Now it's time to go three feet forward.

"Jean-Phillippe... Open Hell's Kitchen, please."

In the blue kitchen, the pressure's on Giovanni to get the appetizers off to a good start. And... success. The red kitchen's hoping to do the same thing. LA... gets it. So all the appetizers are flying out of the kitchen, but wouldn't you know it... some super duper sumos have just entered the eatery, and they want the ENTIRE MENU. This is a fact. Ramsay splits the order between the kitchens.

Lacey is emerging as a leader in the kitchen. She's motivated to kick the Red Team's ass. She doesn't want to go home.

Andrea has burned two Wellingtons that she's hiding. J is delivering his to the pass... and it's raw. The pan's on low. It should be high.

Colleen leaves her oven door open, just as Ramsay discovers Andrea's Wellingtons. Woops.

Ramsay keeps calling Robert "Bobby"... Touching a nerve here. He's throwing away a lot of food. Ramsay takes him to the back. He refuses to put anything up that he's going to send back. It took a lot from him to hold back what he's truly feeling.

But he's not the only one wasting a lot of food... Enter Andrea, who's having an off night.

Two hours in, and both kitchens are at a near standstill. Pressure is mounting to get food out. J is screwing up all of the entrees.

The red kitchen has moved onto desserts, but some of them are coming back. Desserts are raw. Colleen didn't know that everything was raw. Ramsay has had it. He orders both kitchen cleared down.

This, according to the chef, was the worst disaster in the season to date. He has to ask one thing.... why doesn't Robert look at him when he talks? Meat sections were horrific. He can't announce a winner. LA and Giovanni though have had good nights, so they will nominate one chef from each team for elimination.

Bobby is sent to Ramsay's office, where he notes that his childhood has been wrought with people calling him Bobby, when his name is Robert. That one second is a flashback, and Ramsay apologizes for it.

At the elimination, Giovanni nominates J (inconsistency), and LA nominates Andrea (communication wasn't there).

In the end, though... NEITHER chef is sent home. Robert is called out, but all Ramsay can tell him to do is wake up. Colleen is then called out... and is told to turn in her jacket. The ironic thing is that she is praised by her tenacity, and all of the chefs would be wise to follow her example.

"There was no place in the kitchen I could put Colleen where she wasn't a disaster. It's time for her to go back to where she belongs—teaching—because she certainly can't cook."

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