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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
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Five Chefs Compete
April 16

Last time, things got interesting and interestingly tense as the teams merged, Ben and Robert hit the Frisco Bay, and a dinner service that was nothing short of gut-wrenching led to Chef Ramsay sending Giovanni home... Then deciding to close down Hell's Kitchen.

... but not all is as it seems. We go to the fiery Scot for more...

"I'm shutting down Hell's Kitchen. Tomorrow morning, you're leaving. I just called the Borgata Hotel. You're all going... to Atlantic City."

... Doink.

Ramsay's sending the chefs to come to terms with what's at stake with a trip to the Borgata, where the winner will be gainfully employed. Start smelling that level of success and seeing what's to come, because when you return to HK, it's the final push.

So here's what's at stake... The question now... How bad do you want it?


The billboard says it all... "Welcome Hell's Kitchen Finalists."

The welcoming committee... all them legs and boobies and bows and stuff... says even more.

The next morning, the chefs get the tour of the premises, where thousands of people come through every day (C-note: the G-Squad hasn't been through it, but one honorary member, a coworker of mine named Meredith, has). The players walk along "Restaurant Row", which has, according to, launched the culinary revolution in AC. Bobby Flay's here... Michael Mita's here... Wolfgang Puck's here... and one of you will be here.

They do have space for the restaurant. They walk through it... and it's a huge empty slab of concrete... but this will be a restaurant once Hell's Kitchen ends. Everyone has their eyes on the prize in more than one way.

The chefs also get the spa treatment and a poolside swim... and... boobies... Sorry, where were we again? Oh, JERSEY!

Next is dinner with VP of Food and Beverage Nicholas Kurbin and executive chef Ron Ross. As Andrea talks about HR, Robert gets up to excuse himself... to get medical attention for chest pain. His BP is elevated (160/100), and in the end, he's taken to the hospital (C-Note: Hey, we know where that is!).

Ben takes a phone call from Robert, as he says that something's wrong with him. He has to stay overnight.

The four remaining chefs return to Hell, still unsure as to what fate has befallen Robert. Ben hopes he comes back, but doesn't think he will be.

A few days pass, and Ramsay regroups the chefs, who are waiting to hear word from their fallen comrade. The GOOD news... Robert is back in suit. The bad news... it's only to say goodbye. Due to the pericarditis that he has attained, Robert has pulled himself out of the competition. Chef Ramsay collects his jacket, and Robert exits to applause. "You have been a fantastic competitor, and you had the potential to win this competition. Never ever forget that."

But it's back to business. Next challenge: create a signature dish. Whoever wins will be safe from elimination.

You have 45 minutes... from NOW.

Danny: Pan-Seared Sea Scallop with Citrus Basil Sauce
Andrea: Green-Tea Crusted Tuna
Paula: Smoked-Salmon Ceviche
Ben: Pan Roasted Tiger Prawns

Tough choice... And Ben's NOT SAFE. Who is? ANDREA. She is in the final three. But she will still have to push tomorrow night.

The chefs are upset that a) Robert left, and b) Andrea, the weakest chef, basically has a get-out-of-jail-free card.

After a long day of prep, Ramsay is excited to be among the creme-de-la-creme. They've been out to the Borgata. They know what's at stake. It's time now to bring it together to get there.

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen, yes?"

The eatery is fully booked. The chefs are bringing the heat. Dinner is off to a strong start.

Andrea doesn't like to turn the plate on high, because "it's like cooking on volcanoes". Thirty minutes in, and Andrea is struggling with scallops because of it.

Now to entrees, as the chefs prove that they belong in the final three. Ben serves cold puree. No one knows what happened. Over on meat, Paula blames being behind on Andrea's being behind.

Ninety minutes in, and half of the entrees are served. Paula's on fire at the meats, and Ben is doing... something... with lettuce. He's just mindboggled. Right now, Ramsay is fed up with his excuses, and he's ejected from the kitchen.

Ben doesn't give up, though. He needs to pull it together. He's not leaving without a fight. He comes back to bounce back. And so does a salmon dish. Andrea is not concentrating.

Rest of the entrees catch a second wind as Ben rebounds, though Andrea is trying to do the same thing. Danny has to give her a leg up. It's frustrating for everyone involved. Right now, she's the luckiest person in the world. Same can't be said for the others. They complete the service, but boy was it ugly.

"That was embarrassing." No teamwork, no motivation, no fight, and no hope for two of the chefs as they have to decide who to put up.

The chefs agree that were it not for the safety card, Andrea would be going up tonight. The chefs would never put each other on the block, so they have to put the other two. It's basically 2-2-2.

At elimination, Ben (weak performance) and Paula (lack of communication) are put on the block. Ben's never given up. Paula's said she's been a solid performer.

Paula's sent back to the line. And Andrea is put up in her place. She's cooked worse than Ben due to being overwhelmed. He was bad because she was worse. Right now, she's still safe, though, but only because Ramsay's a man of his word. Tomorrow morning, he wants to wake up to a clear conscience, and admits that Ben's performance was not as bad as Andrea's, and were he to rescind immunity, she would've been gone by now.

This is Ben's last chance. Here's hoping he uses it well.

Tomorrow is comeback time.

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