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January 29
February 5

If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
Creator: Paul Jackson
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
Packager: A. Smith & Co. Productions, Granada America
Origin: Century Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Airs: Thursdays at 9pm ET on Fox

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Fourteen Chefs Compete
February 19

Last time in the kitchen, the guys won a shucking contest, but Robert had to miss out on it because of his girth. Meanwhile, Ji suffered a setback in the kitchen, injuring her ankle. That ultimately led to the ladies taking a powder and Ji bowing out. Now 14 chefs remain.

"The woman I wheeled out is better at 50% than some of us is at 100%," Andrea says as she turns her bitch-switch toward Lacey. Lacey says she deserves to be here. Let's see you prove it.

Chefs finally get to be at 3a... only to be awakened at 6 for business... at an undisclosed location.

Scott asks if anyone has a heart condition. No? Good. Anyone afraid of heights? No? Good. Get dressed. We're going up. Oh, and grab a barf bag, too. You'll neeed, because we are at... a slaughterhouse!

They walk past all the good stuff and head toward the back. Because as anyone knows, all of the good stuff is in the back. Scott walks them through the roadmap of a cow carcass, where the brisket, the strip steaks, and the ribeyes are all housed. (C-Note: for further reading, I suggest "I'm Just Here For the Food" by Alton Brown. All of your critter roadmaps are going to be in there).

The chefs arrive back in Hell's Kitchen, where Chef Ramsay is awaiting with two friends, Jellybean in red and Bessie in blue. Hope you paid attention, because today's challenge will require you not only to know which cut is which, but to know where each cut comes from. Ramsay says... "Trust me... You do not want to lose this challenge."

The blue team chose Ben to go first, even though Giovanni worked at a steakhouse. Ben ends up missing one. Giovanni's next and corrects the fault. Paula completes stage one not soon after. Now it's a race to identify where on the cow the cut comes from. Seth completely screws it, giving Lacey a chance to catch up... which she squanders. Ben gets it right on to win.

The ladies will have to carry a number of sides of beef for butchery, while the guys go to Santa Inez for wine tasting. The bad news.. we won't be driving in a limo... we're taking a private jet. "Move your ass; you've got a plane to catch!"

Robert reveals his wedding shoes to the ladies. He had to cancel his wedding to be on the show. Hopefully his bride will still be there when he gets out.

While the men taste wine and cheese, the women taste... moo cow. And Lacey keeps losing her grip. Trivia: the secret to tasting great wine is tasting great grapes. So while the guys wine and dine on the finer cuts, the ladies get... kidneys... hearts... liver... tongue... and some barf bags.

One of which Lacey makes use of... first. Andrea says screw the bags, give me the champagne chiller. Andrea says that this is what happens when you don't work as a team. Remember that going into the service.

It's a new day, and Ramsay has made a change in the kitchen for tonight's service. For one night only, Hell's Kitchen will be the most amazing steakhouse in LA. But this one comes with a twist. Two seatings. One team will serve while the other cooks. While the Blues Brothers begin prepping, the Spice Racks start up with a pep talk.

Now minutes before the first seating, the men, having won the challenge, have elected to cook first. Today, Robert was due to take his fiancee's hand in marriage... so this service is for her.

Beef. It's what's for dinner. Tonight.

"JP... Open Hell's Kitchen."

Each team will have only two hours to feed as many diners as they can. The team that feeds the most patrons will win the service.

First thing, we have a problem getting tickets to the counter. The guys think that the ladies are doing this on purpose to trip them up. Will it work? Or will Charlie risk getting burned? "Your cloth's on fire!" That answers my question. Meanwhile, Ben is trying to impress with his speed. Not what Ramsay had in mind when appetizers haven't even come down yet. He ends up trashing six desserts while they send salads out into the dining room.

Giovanni and Robert are sending out pieces of cow that are still mooing. That's an embarrassment to him. Meahwile, there's a reason why Lacey has never waited tables. This... would be it.

And the filet is too much, with too much wasted meat. Giovanni continues not to impress. Four minutes left on a New York Strip with two minutes to go in the service. Chef Ramsay's not waiting the two minutes. SWITCH IT OFF!

Now the tables have turned, and the Red Kitchen will have two hours to turn out meat.

"JP. Open up Hell's Kitchen, second time round."

And Charlie's having problems of his own in the dining room. Meanwhile, Colleen is still screwing up orders. While the ladies struggle to get food out, the men are busy entertaining.

Forty-five minutes in, and salads are leaving the kitchen in spite of Colleen's ineptitude. But they're coming back because of Coi's ineptitude. Meanwhile, Charlie's giving his customers more than their fair share of a hard time.

With less than 30 minutes, it's time for the ladies to start working together. Steaks are flying out, and Andrea couldn't be happier. The only thing is... they're not staying very long. Enter the expert, who says that their cuts are perfect. We all learn that it was an elaborate sabotage.

Five minutes left in the service, and the meat is going out like gangbusters with three orders left. AAaaaaaand TIME.

Let's go to the results... worst waiters were Charlie and Lacey. But the ladies served the most entrees, so they win the service.

So the guys have to think about trimming the dead weight. Giovanni thinks that being a steakhouse chef, this is unreal. Charlie goes with him for elimination. Giovanni says that he doesn't want to win like that, by knocking out the man.

At the end of the day, though... J calls out Seth (bad kitchen etiquette) and Charlie (execution was a little off in the front of the house). Seth interrupts and says that he wants everyone to be in agreement. In the end, it doesn't matter. Chef Ramsay agrees.

Charlie says he's got a lot more experience than Seth. Seth wants Ramsay to teach him what he needs to konw. It goes on a bit. And Ramsay's like, where's the chase and how do I cut to it?

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen this week is.... CHARLIE. He hands over his jacket.

"Charlie is a prep chef, but I'm looking for a head chef. He seems like a nice guy, but you know where nice guys finish."

Next time, we're making breakfast, and the guys start breaking down. Will the women use it to their advantage? Don't miss it.

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