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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
Creator: Paul Jackson
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
Packager: A. Smith & Co. Productions, Granada America
Origin: Century Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Airs: Thursdays at 9pm ET on Fox

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Seven Chefs Compete
April 2

Last time, the chefs entertained some Hollywood elite after having their palates run through the wringer. It was too much for Lacey, who was ejected mid-service. That allowed the remaining Blues to come from behind to win, and LA was also sent packing.

Andrea and Carol go at it afterwards about control issues. Carol can't get a full sentence out without Andrea cutting her off. Gio says that whatever issues that need to be worked out, work them out and go to bed so they can wake up as a team. Paula says that this is killing us.

Next morning, the chefs take on their next challenge. Today, we're taking a protein and evolving it. The theme ingredient... King Crab. The challenge: create a dish involving the theme ingredient. Come to a consensus as to what dish you want to present to Ramsay to judge. He stresses that this is a challenge you do NOT want to lose.

Forty-five minutes... starting NOW!

Paula can't find a chinois, and asks Ramsay for one... "(^_^) yourself, Paula."

The cooking's done, and now to choose a dish for each team. It's going to be Andrea's King Crusted Crab Legs... with a shell for presentation... that Andrea's teammates WARNED her about. Ramsay calls it bland and disgusting. Ben's dish... it's Sriracha Crab with Vanilla and Asparagus. He didn't need to go over and over and over about that. Ramsay says it doesn't have the wow factor.

Disappointed, Ramsay decided that BOTH dishes weren't worth his time, so now it's Paula's dish and Danny's dish. Paula has a Crab Cake with Basil & Coconut Soup. Danny has a Madera Beurre Blanc King Crab.

The winner... The BLUE Team! As a reward, they're going to Santa Monica with Ramsay with lunch on the beach... with one more surprise. Meanwhile, the Red Team will clean the dorms from top to bottom, then cleaning the crabs ahead of tomorrow's service.

At Santa Monica, Ramsay arrives on a Segway. The others get their own... except for Robert, who is too heavy for one. So he gets a bike.

And give Gordon Ramsay credit for doing some things... but he can't pilot a Segway to save his (^_^)ing life. Oh well, there's always lunch. Meanwhile, the girls (and Gio) are doing all the laundry... including the skid marks.

At lunch, Ramsay says that he's looking for a leader and that all three of the guys have a fighting chance. The Reds start cleaning crabs while the Blues clean their plates. And Andrea won't stop talking about it. After the Blues rub it in their faces, the Reds are determined to get this next service in their pockets.

Twenty four hours later, it's time to get ready for dinner service, but there's one more thing that Ramsay has... For the first time tonight, each team will be responsible for their own menu. Three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts. Ramsay expects fine dining at all levels. And of course, one of the dishes has to be a crab dish.

So Danny's dish is the special for the Blues. Of course. Ben takes charge for his team's menu... and it looks as if the teams' menus are strikingly similar. Both have halibut, red meat, and something called "pommes fondantes".

... WHAT?!

Red Team is concerned about potatoes, while Blue Team is concerned about apples. Egos are going to clash for sure...

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen."

Tonight, the diners will choose between red menus and blue menus. Both menus feature similar carpaccios, steak entrees, and potato garnishes (Ben's pommes fondants versus Carol's gratin dauphinois).

They start to order equally from both menus, and the Red Team's first orders... have absolutely zero flavor. Giovanni has underseasoned his carpaccio, while Ben's soup is oversalted it. That stalled the Blue kitchen, leaving some diners to enjoy the sight of their tablemates eating.

Meanwhile, Crazy Carpaccio lady comes back to the kitchen to give it to the kitchen. Ramsay tells her a) not to whistle at him, and b) to go (^_^) herself. Moral of the story... when in Hell's Kitchen, don't snap off at the Devil.

Carol's potatoes don't cook. They needed to be cooked before service.

HK EXTRA HELPING: If Gordon Ramsay was stuck on a deserted island with Aaron from season... I dunno, three or four... he'd make HIM cry. *mock cries...* I'm cracking up here. Back to the action.

One hour into dinner service, the appetizers are almost done, but Carol's potatoes are holding up the entrees. Ramsay head into the blue kitchen, where apparently Ben's pommes fondants is nothing like a pommes fondants in Europe. Good or bad? You tell me.

This turns into potato rescue 911 on both sides. There was no saving Carol's potatoes, really. The Red Team has to come up with an alternative.

Ninety minutes in, and potatoes (and Robert) are holding up the entrees. His timing's off due to him manning two stations. Meanwhile, Carol's steak is still saying moo. Blue Team's steak is not consistent. Ben's fault. Robert thinks that he's trying to sabotage.

Two hours in, and both teams are working desserts. Meanwhile, it's Robert vs. Ben, who thinks that if Ramsay really believes that he's sabotaging, then send him home.

Ultimately, though, Chef Ramsay was at his end. He orders BOTH kitchens switched off. Now to choose a winner from the entrees. Blues were 39% above average. Reds were 54% above average. They win, but they win ugly. Meanwhile, Danny is charged with nominating someone for elimination.

The Red Team got lucky. Andrea was hoping that they would lose so she would get rid of Carol.

Meanwhile, Robert and Ben are sized up. Robert's slow, but he says that he's a diamond in the rough. Ben is abrasive. Danny doesn't think that either of them should win the competition. It's something to think about...

... but not for long, because it's elimination time. Danny decides that he is going to send Ben with his potential met. Ben and Robert get one chance to defend themselves. Ben says he's a leader. Robert says that he's better in all respects than all the others.

Ramsay decides to send home a saboteur whom he believes has given up.... CAROL. She didn't even make a comeback after her rancid potatoes. But tomorrow is another day.

"Carol knew she was out of her depth in Hell's Kitchen. I just put her out of her misery."

Next week, it's just one (^_^)ing thing after another. No, seriously.

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