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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
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Nine Chefs Compete
March 26

Last time in Hell, the chefs were trying to micro-manage their meals in a tapas-themed week, but J was micro-managed out the door in the middle of service when he set both kitchens back. And believe it or not, the same fate will befall ANOTHER chef tonight? Who? Read on.

Giovanni is rallying the team around a victory, but Carol keeps rallying around her personal defeat. She keeps saying that Andrea is out for Andrea. But the big problem for the Blues continues to be Lacey. She wants to learn, but she's not willing to learn from her teammates.

Next morning, Chef Ramsay rallies the chefs together to master the art of the tartare, a raw dish made with finely chopped meat or fish. Today, they're learning tartare of beef and tartare of scallops. Only one thing... The beef tartare is actually tuna, and the scallop tartare is actually sea bass. Ramsay offers a taste. Will their palates fool them, or will they detect that something is amiss?

Our bet's on the former.

To be a great chef, you have to have a great sense of taste. That's why this week, we're having a taste test. LA sits out.

- Ben vs. Andrea on filet of beef.
BEN: Sirloin of Beef
- Ben vs. Andrea on fried egg white and beets
BOTH Correct.
- Ben vs. Andrea on romaine lettuce
BEN: Diced romaine
ANDREA: Celery. Blues lead, 3-2

- Robert vs. Giovanni on turnip
ROBERT: Cream of broccoli
GIOVANNI: Asparagus
- on pea tendrils
ROBERT: watercress
GIOVANNI: spinach
- on lobster
ROBERT: mushroom
GIOVANNI: poached egg yolk
- on black truffles
ROBERT: "I don't know."
GIOVANNI: "Tastes like (^_^) whatever it was." Score still 3-2, Blues.

Carol and Lacey are next.

- Mushroom
CAROL: Mushroom
LACEY: Daikon
- Calf's liver
CAROL: Liver
LACEY: Foie gras
- Broccolini is a wash.
- Sweet potato
BOTH correct.  Reds lead, 5-4

All comes down to Paula and Danny. They will have to taste and entire dish, minestrone soup. They have to identify 10 ingredients. Chicken stock... carrot... celery... beans... bacon... are five of the ingredients. The Reds hold the lead to win, 8-7. As a reward, they're given the star treatment with a photo shoot for TV Guide. The Blues will also take part, but not before cooking and serving lunch for them AND prepping the kitchens again.

It's just a matter of picking up and really banging it out tonight, but for now, the Red Team awaits. And no, Lacey isn't looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, the Red Team gets a lesson in how to deal with the media from TV Guide west coast bureau chef Craig Tomashoff, the Blue Team gets flak for missing the essentials... water.. salt... pepper... silverware... flash bulbs... Lacey mouthing off again... Ben trying to keep Lacey working.

Andrea's beginning to love the lifestyle of the celebrity chef, while Ben is beginning to be eaten away at the punishment, getting an internal pilot light lit. And no, Lacey isn't helping.... in every sense of the phrase.

Fastforward to 5:47p, and both teams are prepping their kitchens for the opening rush to come in 13 minutes.

"JP, let's go. Open Hell's Kitchen, please."

Tonight, there are some celebrities in the house, namely Eric McCormack ("Trust Me" on TNT) and Robert Patrick (from "The Unit").

Paula starts with an inedible risotto, over salty. Robert's delivering oversized portions on the appetizers, and Ben is brought on to help. They serve appetizer after appetizer, while Paula is trying her risotto again.. and it's perfect.

Forty-five minutes in, and it's the first VIP order for the Blues. Danny puts 110 in his work every time, and it shows. Carol is ready to judge everyone else, while Ramsay warns that we're going to be in the f'ing S if they don't ramp it up.

Lacey, on the other hand, is stymied. She's on meat and she has no idea what she's doing. The rest of the team help her. And now we have fire. All together, she's lost.. She can't cook meat and she's tucked away to the closet for a motivational kick in the ass. Lacey returns to the blue kitchen. Ben tries to help and ends up injuring himself. Robert has handled appetizer, while his pants get ripped.

Over in the Red Kitchen, Carol is getting it together again. She can't answer any of Andrea's questions, so the Dory comes back overcooked. Carol and Andrea go at it over that. But the red diners are enjoying their entrees while the blue diners are still waiting.

And after a miscarved lamb, Ramsay's at his wit's end with Lacey. He ushers into the closet after her and tells her to remove her jacket. She's been disastrous on both ends of the kitchen. Sorry, Lacey, but this order is to go.

Now that Lacey's gone, it's time for the Blues to make up some lost ground. They make that push, Meanwhile, Carol has to refire lamb to make it well-done. Wellington is not done yet on LA's side. Meanwhile, the men continue to rally to the finish line, while Carol is wondering where the chicken.

... but it's too late. The Blues finish their orders and get the order to clear it down for the night. They win the service and the accolades from an all-too-appreciative Ramsay, and the Reds have to nominate two for elimination tonight.

We have Carol/Andrea and Carol/LA... and Carol/LA. Gio's going to make a decision... LA. LA nominates Carol/Andrea.

In the end, they still have not come to a consensus. But LA (not superb) and Carol (had a few bad services)... AND Andrea are sent to the block.

Andrea gave herself a 6. She thinks that LA could go home. LA says that she can cook her ass off. Carol would give anything to redo tonight, wanting to send Andrea home.

Eliminated tonight... is... not Carol OR Andrea. LA is sent home.

"LA was a real workhorse in the kitchen. I kicked her out because she lacked two crucial skills to be a great chef... leadership and creativity."

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