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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
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Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
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Ten Chefs Compete
March 19

Last time in Hell, people danced, broke glasses, l'chaim, all that... and at the end of the bar mitzvah, Max Rubin might've been a man, but Coi was not a chef. She got tossed out with the matzo, leaving 10 to compete.

Andrea is kicking herself after putting Coi on the block, especially after Carol threatened to punch her in the neck. LA is wondering what she did to entail almost going home as well, and she's starting to get sick of the attitudes. The Reds are a team divided... Paula & Andrea vs. LA and Carol. In the middle... Gio, who says that they have to let bygones be bygones.

Next morning, Chef Ramsay prepares a trio of salmon tapas from his London restaurant. For those unfamiliar with the concept... Small, but flavorful works best.

This will tie into today's challenge, which is tapas-style cooking from the leftovers from last night's bar mitzvah. This will test the chef's ability to improvise. Each team creates five. The best of five wins.

Before starting the challenge, Ramsay sends Giovanni to cook with the ladies. He's on Team Red now to even things up.

Okay. Twenty minutes... starting now.

Gio's hoping the red team will put their differences behind them. Robert's getting kinda pissed that Lacey is continuing to be part of this team when she can't come up with a dish.

Now for the tasting.

Paula's Peppered Steak & Eggs vs. Danny's Grilled Filet Mignon with Mushroom Ragout.

LA's Asparagus & Ginger Soup vs. Lacey's Mushroom Bruschetta

Carol's Seared Tuna vs. Robert's Pasta with Lamb
WINNER: Robert (Robert salutes his mom)

Andrea's Open-Faced Lobster Ravioli vs. J's Lobster with Fennel
WINNER: Andrea

Giovanni's Surf & Turf vs. Ben's Grilled Tuna and Asparagus
WINNER: Giovanni... by that much. RED TEAM WINS!

The Spice Rack is going to Hollywood Park for racing, while the Blues Bros. will be setting up both kitchens. Hell's Kitchen is open TONIGHT for tapas night.

Gio is pushing his new team forward, while the other team is being held back to prep BOTH kitchens for service tonight. Everyone's doing their part... except of course for Lacey.

Oh, and Victory's Lady... the horse the team bet over Ramsay's choice... wins.

Back in the kitchen, Lacey isn't hearing any of what anyone has to say, and she even goes so far as to say that if she gets into a fight with anyone, she's leaving.

Actually, forget the fighting, she's quitting now. She's not going to compromise her health and happiness for $250,000, she says. At the same time, she doesn't want to be "the bitch."

J asks that she goes back into the kitchen and produces. "We need you." Just like two weeks earlier.

Five minutes before service, Gio is pulling his team together after winning a challenge. Now it's time to win a service.

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen, yeah?"

And we start by discovering that the rice that was cooked (not clear by who yet) is overcooked), so through no fault of the red team, risotto is not available on the menu tonight. Which sucks, because I like risotto.

And by the way, it was J who cooked the rice.

Half and hour in, and appetizers are leaving the kitchens again. And they're coming back undercooked, leading Ramsay to send both Carol and Andrea out into the dining area to eat what they just cooked. A friendly reminder... taste now or taste later. But you will taste. Beeyatch.

J's salmon isn't anything to write home about either. He's trying to recover as best he can. He better try harder.

LA has her own issues as well, because she's got two John Dories, and one sauce. And she's night of the living dead. J.... is just dead. After serving rubbery scallops, J is told to turn in his jacket, pack up, and (^_^) off home.

Now it's time to get the team back together. Meanwhile, Gio is emerging as a leader in the Red kitchen. It finally feels like a kitchen, and cooks like a team.

Ben's having a time with the Wellingtons. Paula's having a BETTER time at it. Ben's getting struggling and gets the closet treatment. One more and he's history.

Three hours in, and final tickets are being served. Time to clear it down for the night. Red Team finishes first, so they are the winners, but not everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Andrea & Carol are going at it again over the ordeal with appetizers. Carol says that she's about to lose her cool.

Now to the aftermath. Blue Team has to elect one person to go up on the block.

Ben apologizes to the team for shutting down, while Robert is stressed about dealing with Lacey's attitude. She's not a team player and blames everyone but herself. Robert basically says that if she doesn't care, then she should leave. "I swear to God, if you win this, I will hang up my coat and become a crack whore."

Downstairs, Robert sends Lacey for being "a cancer", Lacey sends Robert for being "misunderstanding". Danny sends Lacey up for "having a piss poor attitude". Same deal with Ben.

Ramsay calls Lacey and Ben forward.

Ben says that he's offered a lot to his team. He thinks that he was the worst chef in the Blue Kitchen tonight. Lacey says that she came a long way. She came here to learn and grow.

Ramsay decides... that Ben...  is given one last chance, as is Lacey. Both teams have their issues, and that's soemthing that they're going to have to work past.

"I kept Ben and Lacey, because J put the kitchen in such a holdup that they never stood a chance. They're very lucky that I sent J packing."

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