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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.28 - April 5

Last week's episode was a rerun. Will the contestant's on this week's episode wish that last week's episode was on this week? Kara Watkins doesn't care - she's looking for something to get her focused. Kevin Nosar, an Asian who is pierced and tattooed all over, is looking for the dark side of life. Andrew Manczik is a white bread college guy who wants to win, while Shawnie Kiel says that she can throw a softball fast - and drink a can of beer faster. Ryan May is a grown-up cowboy while Masumi Max is your normal fire eating contortionist who likes to run around naked (her words, not mine - though I wouldn't mind seeing it anyway...)

There will be no running around naked or eating fire in the first stunt, but the players have to get on a moving oil tanker and collect flags from the ceiling of a tunnel. Whoever does it the best will be selecting out the order of who plays on the next stunt, while the guy and the girl who collect the least amount of flags will be naked on their own time.

Kevin, the dark one, is up first, and everyone else thinks that he isn't going to do well because he has to operate in the light. Well the rock climber doesn't do well - because he's as coordinated as a rock. He has 14 flags - but he missed a lot of them and I see dark things happening for the dark man.

Ryan is up second. He stumbles a little, but he gets that rodeo balance going and skunks Kevin with 23 flags. Only Andy can screw things up - but the shrimp farmer doesn't screw it up and gets 21. "What we know for sure is that Kevin, it's over for you," says Joe, as Kevin is bummed out that he doesn't get to do the disgusting second stunt. Trust me Kevin, the people will be more than happy to swap places with you.

It's time for the women to go - and Shawnie isn't afraid of an oil tanker. She isn't afraid of Kevin, either - because she matches his score of 14 flags and she is pissed. She has good reason to be - Masumi gets 20 flags, though she was concerned that she would fall off of the truck.

Will Kara get 15 flags? Or will she fall off the truck? The answer is.... the former, as she racks up 19 flags. She is upset at herself as Kara talks trash - after she eliminates her. Well, that's not very classy...

...and neither is a bazooka, which the contestants will have to shoot at. The ammunition? A potato. The stakes? The number that the potato hits is the number of... POTATO BUGS... that they have to eat. Makes sense, no? Kara thinks it's cool while the look on Masumi's face clearly reveals that she'd rather contort her whole body around a sack of potatoes.

Ryan had the most amount of flags - and he selects the order. The order is Andy (who says that he'll remember it), Kara, Masumi and himself. Ryan says that the worst thing that he's ever eaten is old fraternity food - and I have a feeling that this is going to be worst - and what's worse for him is that he nails the maximum 3 potato bugs. Joe tells him that they bite - and they are already all over his fingers and he has to drop it. He does manage to hold it in his fingers - and he manages to eat them all. He says that they taste just like shrimp. Surrrrrreeee...if shrimp bite...

Kara is next - and the guys are digging the chicks with guns motif. They'd dig it better if she can aim - which she can't. When she finally hits the target, we see that she also needs to eat 3 bugs. She gets it down - and then she glares at Masumi, who only needs to eat one of them. She does - and bites that sucker right down the middle.

That leaves Ryan, who also hits the maximum number of three. Despite everyone jeering at him, he gets all three bugs down, which has all four people advance to the final stunt. As for the eliminated Kevin, I don't think he'd be too impressed with this one...

...but how impressed will he be with the last stunt? I am impressed. There are 6 keys - and one of them starts a car that the contestants are in. They need to get it done quickly, because if they don't, a bulldozer will be coming from across the other side of the playing field and take the car with them - and push it over the ledge they are on. The contestant who completes the stunt the quickest - or the person who gets the furthest before getting knocked off of the course - wins the $50,000.

Andy goes first - and goes nowhere. As Joe aptly puts it - he's doomed. He doesn't even start the car and he's out. "I do not believe that I couldn't get any key in the car to start." Kara does start the car - but not before the dozer hits the car and pushes her over the ledge.

Ryan says that he will not let $50,000 slip out of his hands - and he does get the car started, which keeps him in the game - but all Masumi needs to do is to start it before the bulldozer hits the car and she'll win the money. She.... doesn't. Ryan is the only person to get the car started, and although it's a lame finish, it's still a finish - as he finishes with the money.

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