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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
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Episode 3.25 - March 8

s blood deeper than water? We will find out very quickly as Fear Factor unveils their 'Sibling' Show. Erica Olivarez and Fredo Marquez are here to bring the 'Latin Swing', Kali and Jenna Macy will want to use the 'Blonde' thing to their advantage, Colleen and Katie Dwyer are looking to add another trophy to their collection and Shane and Jared Marlowe say they are as smart as they are buff.

So why did I say that we'll find out quickly if blood was thicker than water? Because the teams will be trying to get flags in a rotating cylinder. They have to pass the flags from one cylinder to the other. The team that gets the fewest number of flags before falling through the hole or the slowest team will be eliminated. The best team will select the order for the next stunt.

Fredo and Erica are first - and the so called 'Latin Swing' are swinging very well. They get 5 flags in 1:06 before falling off. That seems to be tough to beat, especially as they made traversing through the holes look very easy. They have used those cylinders before in other Fear Factor stunts and it has been anything except easy. They should be able to make it - the question is which team will be the first one to realize the hard way that it's much tougher than advertised.

Shane and Jared are next - and they strip down to their Speedos. Apparently they didn't really think that this stunt would be like this, because they are very skimpy as the 5 women who are there are having a field day and whistling at them as they try to complete the stunt. Fredo and Erica will really be having a field day as they only get 2 flags before falling through the holes. Jared gets dizzy and flies right through the hole at the end of the cylinder, which means that Erica and Fredo get to move on to the next stunt. Still, they are confident that 2 flags will be enough.

The blondes are determined to make sure that 2 flags will not be enough. They brandish a war scream beforehand but are struggling mightily before one of them falls into the 'hamster' position - which is the 'crouching I can't get up so I'm going to wait until I fall through one of the holes' position. They only get one flag in 1:26, which means that the men are safe. They want to try again, but according to Joe, 'This is Fear Factor, not Do-Over Factor.'

All Colleen and Katie need to do is to get more than one flag in 1:26 - or get one flag and then quickly jump in the water - which would stop the clock. According to Joe, the worst thing that they could do is to get one flag and struggle for the second, fall, and spend more time doing that than the blondes, because since the time doesn't stop until someone hits the water, the blondes would advance. Colleen and Katie gets the one flag and immediately jump in the water to stop the clock - which causes the blondes to cheer because they thought that Colleen and Katie didn't get any flags on the side. The women did, though, so the Blondes are gone. As they leave, they say that they still love each other and they hug as they leave. AwwwwBarf.

Joe is happy that they won't be seeing Jared and Shane in their Speedos anymore - but all of the siblings are happy that no one will be eliminated - and this stunt will be for a trip for 4 to the Bahamas.

Will they be happy about what they have to do to get there? Joe uncovers a Fear Factor bug souffle of aphids, beetles, slugs, scorpions and millipedes. One person will scoop up the bugs in their mouth and drop it into a grinder. The grinded remains will fall into the second person's mouth, who will spit it out into a scale. Whoever gets the most in the scale will be going to the Bahamas and will be buying a lot of mouthwash while there.

The Latin Swing get to decide the order - and they decide that they want to go first. They look like they did a very good job - and they obtained 1 pound and 13.8 ounces worth of bug remains.

Shane and Jared are next - and Joe is already going after him for bad technique. The pretty boys are scared of the nasty bugs, and they only get a measly 9.4 ounces. Jared - "He's never had that big of a mouth and I've never been that hungry." Oooookkkkkkk...

Conversely, both Katie and Colleen says that they have big mouths, and Joe is complimenting them on their strategy. Colleen is very smart, going after the worms and avoiding the biting bugs. Would the strategy be good enough? When time runs out, the women get a final weight of... 1 pound and ....13.34 ounces. Latin Swing will be enjoying themselves in the Bahamas, but the bummed out women swear that they will get their revenge by grabbing the $50,000.

All I want to know is - where is the ASPCA complaining about the needless death of all of these bugs?

How badly will the couples be complaining about the third stunt? In a remake of the first $100,000 Tournament of Champions stunt, one person will be sloshing around in an oil tanker getting pieces of a flagpole. They give the pieces to the other person, who will assemble the pieces and then traverse the top of the tanker to create the pole. The team that does this the quickest will win the $50,000.

Jared and Shane, who may arguably be the weakest male couple in Fear Factor history, goes first. They said that they would get 8 flags and they get 2, they said that they would be going to the Bahamas and they come in last, and then they take their sweet time in the last stunt, don't screw the flag in properly, and as a result, it falls off the truck, properly disqualifying the guys from the rest of the show. "I guess we're just not Fear Factor Material." They said that they had a good time, and I am just wondering if maybe they weren't blondes underneath the brown hair.

It's time for Latin Swing to do their thing. They are actually slower then the guys, but they do complete the stunt in 5:27. They congratulate each other - but don't give out strategy on how to complete the stunt. Playing a little gamesmanship, eh?

The women have a tough task ahead of them - but 5:27 is clearly beatable, since the guys were going at a 3 minute pace. The women are setting the pace quicker, and Fredo is visibly concerned. Katie tells Colleen to take her time - and that is a hug mistake, because they run out of steam at the end. Katie gets the last piece and is about to complete the flag - when time runs out. In a matter of seconds, Fredo and Erica win the $50,000 as Fredo is hunched overhead in his arms, crying. They celebrate in a big AwwwBarf-like hug, but that's ok as Latin Swing will be swinging away with the cash.

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