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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.5 - October 20

"It's my money there to win" - Jeff Cash, Raleigh, NC.

"I've started to like competition - it makes me strive harder." - Tracy Sheldon, Washington, DC.

"I consider myself to be a small guy." - Sal Ulloa, Hesperia, CA.

"I think all the guys are going to underestimate me." - Raylene Zatarani, Cypress, TX.

"I have the speed to accomplish the task." - Melissa Gable, Asheville, NC.

"John Lucas is about competition...I want to compete against people at their best." - John Lucas, Brooklyn, NY.

Those aren't the people who originated those quotes (though it sort of makes it cool, doesn't it?). Those are your 6 contestants for this week - but we will be down to 4 rather quickly as we see the first stunt, which has a rather simple concept to it. The player is dangling from a rope attached to a helicopter. All you have to do is hang on as the copter tries to shake you off by thrashing you in the water at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The man and woman who hangs on for the least amount of time will not be hearing Joe Rogan say "Fear is not a factor for you."

Sal, the shortest person there, has the biggest mouth, as he is asking people if their bags are packed yet. Hoping that her bags will not be packed for her is Michelle, who goes first, and she loses her bikini bottom. Ohhh la la. She holds on until we see her and her blurred out bits fall from the rope at 31 seconds.

Tracy is next - and we see a very nice full bloomed tree tattoo on her shoulder. Her tree doesn't wilt, but her shorts does as we have the second defrocked female contestant. Her chances on the show may have started to wilt as well - she only stays on for 28 seconds, which means that Melissa gets to keep her shorts - and chances of winning the game - on.

Raylene has a boyfriend, but she thinks that Jeff is hot - but only that she wants to beat Jeff's time. While she is getting ready to lose her bottoms, Joe is making fun of the women by saying that they never even got to 25 miles per hour on the copter. Raylene should have been concentrating less on Jeff (or her missing shorts) and more on the stunt - she only stays on for 23 seconds - and she follows her trunks as she disappears in the water.

Will the guys be losing their shorts? Sal says that he was a member of the marines - and he continues to talk trash. We all know what that means - he will probably be going bye-bye in the first stunt.

Jeff does not want to go bye-bye. The Fear Factor TV people do not want him - or any of the guys - to lose their shorts - hence the guys, instead of wearing skimpy speedos, are wearing big fluffy gym-like pants. He sets a decent time of 52 seconds...

...but will it be enough? John Lucas, who played for Kansas State in the 90's, tells his kids that "Daddy is going to do it!" He doesn't mention what 'it' is, but if 'it' was about beating Jeff's time, then he doesn't have the 'it' factor. Jeff only hangs on for 51 seconds (ouch), and Jeff gets to stay on.

If the man with the big mouth can hang on, then he can send the now-whining John home. "He's got a lot of heart, but he's built like a 12 year old vegetarian, and that's going to hurt him." says Joe. Since Sal can not use his mouth to grab on to the rope, I will have to agree, and we are all right, as the mini-me-marine only hangs on for a mini 3 seconds. "I don't remember letting go...next thing I see is the helicopter leaving without me." Everyone else will be leaving without you too, Sal.

We start the next stunt in a pasture, filled with tall green grass, a ranch in the distance, and... the mooing of big cows. I believe they are there to make sure that the contestants aren't steered in the wrong direction (yuk, yuk, yuk).

Joe pulls over a blanket to reveal the next stunt - a glass bucket filled with cow eye balls. Yummy. But you don't have to eat the eyes. You have to puncture the membrane and spit the juice from the membrane into the glass. After you get enough cow juice in there to surpass a line in the glass, you have to drink what's in the glass. The three quickest drinkers will get to experience the cowcophany of the final stunt.

Melissa starts off the she-bang. "It tasted kind of salty, like dirt water." She gets it done in 1:41, which seems like a half-way decent time, but she did drop a few eye-balls and that could cost her. Tracy was next - and she goes for the big eyeballs, because they make more juice in them. That seems to be the right strategy, as she turns in a sweet time of 1:07. All of a sudden, that 1:41 doesn't look too hot.

John, as a personal goal, wants to beat the 1:07 - but all he has to do is beat 1:41. He admits that he is squeamish in eating gross stuff - and this would certainly qualify as gross stuff. He is grossed out - and that, plus the fact that he didn't pick big eyeballs, does not give him first - but the 1:21 it still good enough to advance.

It's all down to Jeff. Like Melissa, he also drops a few eyeballs, but he was quicker than Melissa and he gets it done in 1:27. That's enough for her to go home. "I think it was the luck of the draw...I had to go first and set the standard." I have to agree with her - she got the horned end of the deal.

Jeff, John and Tracy remain to look at the final stunt - but we get an interlude first. John says he will finally finish first, Tracy says that may the best woman win, and Jeff says that the money is all his.

Now for the final stunt - contestants have to transfer as many as 15 flags from one side to the other. Here's the catch - they will have to be running on the roofs of 2 dump trucks. The trucks will be swaying from 4 to 6 feet away from each other, so the contestants need to pick their spots. Whoever can get the most amount of flags across without falling off of the trucks wins.

Tracy, the best woman (because she is the only woman left) goes first. She doesn't fall off, but after 9 flags, she nails her knee on the side of the truck and she calls it quits.

John needs to beat 9 flags in 2:06. Joe likes to point out that John has had surgery on his knee, but John says that it will not be a factor. It isn't, as he gets the first 14. He goes for the maximum 15...but....he can't make the final jump. 14 in 1:49 is still excellent, but it is possible that he can lose yet again by a very slim margin...

And if that happens, Jeff will be the person that he loses to all three times. Jeff says that pacing himself is the key to winning this, although John disagrees. Jeff is also moving much slower than John, so it's apparent that Jeff needs to get all 15 flags. Jeff is starting to stumble at the 7 flag mark, and John is starting to talk trash. The trash works - Jeff falls off the truck at 9 flags, so John makes sure that the third time is a charm. Of course, $50,000 can make you feel pretty charmed, too.

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