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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.22 - February 17

We aren't giving a million dollars away on this episode, but we still have Melissa Heatherington, Michael Klein, April Davis, Luis Ordonez, Nicole Dawson, and Garrett Anderson looking to win $50,000.

They can take the first step by climbing down the cargo net of a moving helicopter, releasing flags along the way. The slowest man and the slowest women will be like the flags - flapping out in the wind.

Nicole, who has had boating experience, goes first. She takes her sweet time in getting the flags - but she does get 8 of them in 1:49.9. The problem? There were 9 flags - and the time seemed long.

Melissa, a cop from Iowa, is the next to go. She flexes a lot of muscles - which the other women say will be her downfall. Maybe on the other stuns, but not on this one, as she uses the strategy of pulling the rope up to get the flag at the end of the rope. Nice. She gets them all - and in 1:43.6 - 6 seconds faster than Nicole - to boot.

If April completes the stunt, then she will be giving Nicole the boot. She is going very slowly - which is fine, as long as she completes the task. She doesn't though, as she falls off after 4 flags, and April is washed away with the tide. "I have to tell everyone 'I lost after the first stunt' , which just sucks."

It's time for the guys to compete. Luis is quick on the rope - and he tries to use the same strategy that Melissa uses and tries to get the rope at the end with his legs - but that doesn't work and he only gets 8 flags. Still he gets it done in 1:06, which is a very quick time.

Can Michael be as quick? No - but can he get all of the flags? No - Mike only gets 8 in 2:27, and being that he's worse than what the women did, Mike's as good as gone. Garrett confirms it, as he sees a rope grabbing strategy of his own to get them all in 1:43. Mike does not get to see the second stunt...

...which looks like this - you will be transferring flags by jumping from platform to platform over a 5 foot gap. You will have 45 seconds to move, and when time is up, the platforms, drop, which drops you along with it. No one will be eliminated - and whoever does quickest will get a week stay in Jamaica. Nice.

Luis, who wants to go to Jamaica, goes first. He gets a respectable 7 flags in 43.7 second - but it's beatable - and Garrett says that he'll have Luis bow to him once he gets more than 7. Garrett doesn't care about the trip - he just wants to have Luis bow down - and he'll get his wish as he gets 8 flags. Luis does do the feat - and Garrett says that if Melissa the supercop beats him, then he'll kiss her feet.

Is that enough motivation for Melissa? It is - but there will be no feet kissing from her, as she only gets 5 flags. Nicole also has a shot to have her feet pampered, but she also only gets 5, so Garrett is going to Jamaica - with Luis as his cabana boy.

Will Garrett be going sooner than expected? The women want it to be an eating stunt - and they will be happy. Everyone will be in a vat of hundreds of cow intestines. They have to bite into the intestines, spit the juice out into a cup, and then when the fluid is past a line on the cup, they have to drink the fluid. The slowest person is out.

Garrett starts it out first - and everyone is making puking noises. "This is wrong on so many levels," exclaims Joe, but Garrett gets it done - albeit in 2:34. We'll see how good of a time that is as Nicole goes up. Apparently, it is good enough, as it takes Nicole 3:08 to do it.

Luis is just ignoring Garrett's attempt to make him yak - and he completes the stunt in an impressive 1:12.08. It's so impressive that Garrett bows down to Luis, as repayment for the last stunt. It's down to policewoman Melissa - and she squeezes it in at 2:55 - which squeezes out Nicole.

Who will get the final squeeze play for $50,000? All you have to do is to move the furthest across a small plank using a mini bicycle - which looks like it was meant for a 4 year old. Luis goes first - and he knows that $50,000 is not child's play. He's ridden on motorcycles for 4 years - and he has ho problems with this stunt, nailing it in 6 seconds. "Luis just set the bar very high," says Joe.

The other players have to complete the stunt in less than 6 seconds - but neither of them can even complete the stunt - much less getting it done in 6 seconds. Luis wins the $50,000 and I'm sure that right now, he feels like a - dare I say it - big wheel.

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