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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.16 - January 19

We have our first full-blown rivalry between Meg/Adam and Jim/Melissa - and we also have our first 2 eliminated coupled with Jen/Ty and Nafisah/Gichi. Who will be the next to go?

We will not get any eliminated people in the next stunt - but there will still be a lot at stake, as the winning couple this time gets a pair of Jeep Wranglers. Nice. Here's how the stunt works - the couples will be chained as individuals on opposite sides of a platform and submerged underwater. The couple to find the key that unlocks them and then swims to the Fear Factor buoy in the fastest time will win the wheels.

Meghan/James and Jackson/Monica discuss strategy, but Melissa/Jim, who won $10,000 on the last episode, will be the first team to try this stunt. Joe reminds everyone that if one of the people on the team quits, then the team quits and the stunt is over. They struggle on the locks, but once they get to the top, they swim very quickly to the buoys and complete the stunt in 33.9 seconds.

Next up are Tommie and Gina. Tommie gets out rather quickly, and he gets to the buoy in 23 seconds - but Gina is nowhere to be found. She struggles and she quits as Tommie stares on. Simone is very nervous about being underwater, while David calls the other couples all losers. He can join the losers as Simone pulls a Gina and quits. A crying Simone apologizes to David, who promises to buy him a pair of Jeeps. Meanwhile, Tommie is cool with Gina - he says that they will wait until they go back to the hotel and submerge Gina's head underwater. Well that's love for you...

Jackson/Monica are next - and they are worried about Adam/Meg winning everything - but they are also rooming right next to them and they hear them yelling at each other all of the time. They think they may have the edge. Whether they do or not will be determined, but Jackson/Monica have the edge on Melissa/Jim as they finish it in 26.3 seconds. One factor in it? Melissa tells them the secret to winning the stunt - and Monica uses that to beat their time. Oops. Jim tells Melissa to stop being so nice to other teams...

...but she won't have that problem with Meghan/Adam, who everyone agrees is the most unlikable couple. They are next, and they once again give the couples a reason to beat them as they complete the stunt in 24.1 seconds. Unlike Jackson and Monica, who get cheers from everyone, no one congratulates them, and they don't have a problem with it, since Adam and Meg don't like any of them anyways.

That feeling escalates when everyone is rooting for Meghan and James. Meghan actually gets out of there on the first key and is at they buoy in 17 seconds - but this time, it's the guy's turn to panic and quit. James gets stuck and they bow out of the stunt.

It's all down to Todd and Rachel for the cars. Will their strategy pan out? No, as they were too slow with the locks. Adam/Meg win the cars - and only one couple claps. Joe even tells the couples to step up the clapping, but no one wants them there and James/Meg were even thinking about quitting the show. Is Osten on that team?

While one team wants to leave, another one wants revenge - Jim/Melissa wants to kick Meg/Adam's butt - and maybe they will do it on this stunt. One person will be removing 7 cow hearts from a vat (filled with cow, roach and pig parts) with their mouths, and then drop it into a troth. Their partner will then take the heart from the troth and put it in a bucket. The quickest couple can make a down payment on a jeep with $10,000, while the slowest couple will be making a down payment on a TV to watch the rest of the show, as they will be gone.

Jim and Melissa will go first - and Adam/Meg want them gone. In this game, time is of the essence, because the big though is lowering the contents to the little trough. If you are not quick, then you will be doing a lot of searching. Jim is yelling at Melissa to get her teeth into it, and they get it done in 1:36.6. That's not a quick time, but I don't think it will be bad enough for them to be eliminated.

Todd and Rachel are next - and Todd has the right idea. He is going very quickly, which makes it really easy for Rachel to spot. She is having problems biting it down, but they are going much faster than Jim/Melissa - until the last heart. That last one does them in, as they complete it in 1:58.2. That 1:36 isn't looking so bad...

David didn't do so well on the worms, and Simone didn't do well in the water. One of 2 things will happen - they will either both do well on this one, or one of them will freak out, which will cause them to lose. It happens to be the latter, as David is having problems finding the hearts, and when he does, the hearts fall into the trough and land on Simone's head. Nice. She screams while she is doing it, and screaming doesn't help when you need to be looking in the muck for cow hearts. They do get it done, but it's in a very slow 3:08.5 and David/Simone are looking very much like Gichi/Nafisah.

Now that they know they have a little time to burn, Jackson/Monica do a little change of strategy - instead of the guy going first, Monica decides to start looking on top. I wonder if Monica is usually... ehh never mind. That strategy works very well, as hey get it done in 1:14.4. That's good enough to take the lead, but they still have a few couples behind them...

...like Tommie and Gina. They start with Tommie on top - but maybe they should have switched it because Gina can't find the hearts. They don't win the $10,000, but with a 2:30 score, they will be seen on the next episode.

Meghan and James does the Jackson/Monica strategy, which works great - until James misses the bucket with one of the hearts. That's a penalty which means that he has to get an 8th heart, and by that time, all of the water is on the bottom trough, which makes it impossible for him to get the $10,000. They do make it in under 3 minutes (2:30), but he knows that he screwed up and he blames himself for some of their losses. "If she had a stronger partner, she would have won all of these prizes...I am such a wuss."

Who will be the wuss when Adam and Meg are up? Adam and Meg already get into it when it comes to setting up the goggles - but they use the woman on the top, guy on the bottom strategy by Jackson/Monica. It doesn't work out as well, as Meg pulls a Simone and gets freaked by the hearts. They don't win the $10,000, as Jackson/Monica gets on the board with the money. Did they get eliminated? Final time - 2:03.6. They are safe, and Simone and David are eliminated. "We weren't ready to go home yet," says David. Well, sorry, but you needed more heart - heh, heh, heh...

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