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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
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Episode 3.26 - March 15

We are back to a regular themed Fear Factor, as Stacy Atlin, Greg Nigro, Susan Henson, Kit Core, Kasey Clark and Derek Cristalucci all compete for the cash. All of the women are blondes and all of the men are short dark-haired athletes. Maybe my stunt is to get all of them accurately right.

The first stunt for the men and women takes place in a plastic telephone booth-like box. As the contestants wedge themselves in the box, the bottom falls out and the box starts to spin. In addition to that, water will come flying out in an attempt to dislodge the person out of the box. The man and woman who spends the least amount of time in the box will be dealing with the TV box as they watch the rest of it from home.

Gregory starts out first - and he has some very tight pants. Maybe the pants will help him as he takes on the stunt. Apparently, it does, as the pants make some great traction and he is sitting there with no signs of discomfort. Joe wants to know if anyone wants pizza - and they could have gotten it, as Joe lasts for a whopping 17:55 in the box. Greg, at the intro, wants to grab the win - and he's doing that so far.

Kit is next - and he is a world champion kick-boxer with 17 wins - 8 of them coming via knockout. Those sort of athletes usually do really bad in this sort of competition, and it's evident that he is not as comfortable as Greg his. He leaves the cage at 8:53.1, but there was no realistic way that he was going to stay in there for 17 minutes.

The question is can Derek realistically send Kit home? He says that as a hairdresser, he has a lot of leg endurance, and Joe immediately harps on it. "Tae-Bo champion gets beaten by hairdresser," cackles Joe with glee. Unfortunately for Kit, Joe is absolutely right as he loses on the first day to a hairdresser.

The women now get to try to stay for as long as the guys do. Stacy goes first, and it takes her a long time to get set, slipping because of 1. her height and 2. the slipperiness of the cage. That all comes to get her, as she lasts for a feeble 1:23.1.

This seems to be curtains for Stacy, but she is hoping that one of the other two women do worse than she does. Susan, who has 10 kids, is also nervous about setting herself up in the cage. Susan doesn't have a problem in setting up, though, and beats the 1:23 time easily.

Kasey, who is a horseback rider, says that she will have no problems with the stunt - but she sets up her legs differently, putting them in the middle of the cage instead of branching out in the corner. Her strategy did work, though as she also surpasses Stacy's time and Stacy is the first woman to be gone.

Horseback riding is considered an elegant sport - as is the elegant table setting that awaits the contestants. How elegant? The women are wearing semi-formal gowns and the guys are wearing jackets and ties, which means that this is got to be one sick, nasty stunt awaiting the players.

Joe takes a dig at The Bachelor, saying that the dinner will not end in roses, but instead they will be eating...escargot, which is a delicacy in France. Here's 2 problems - 1. Escargot is French for SNAILS, and 2, these snails are ALIVE, unlike in France, where they kill them and cook them (usually with delicious spices) first. Greg says it all when he stares at them and says "Yummy!"

Here's how this works - everyone has to eat 12 live snails. The man and woman who eats the most - or the man and woman that eats them all the quickest, moves on to the finals.

Kasey goes first and proceeds to eat the snails - shells and all. I'm not sure how good a snail's shell is for your abdomen, but she eats them all in 2:32.6. Susan wasted seconds trying to get the snails in their shells before eating them - will that come back to haunt her as Susan attempts to beat her? No, as Susan eats one, and with the convincing of Stacy, only gets 4 down before she quits. Joe yells at Susan for lacking the mental skill needed to become a Fear Factor champion, but Susan says that she's happy that she set her mind to be on Fear Factor and she did it. Too bad she couldn't set her mind to munch on some snails...

It's time for the men to compete. Derek has a great strategy as he gets ready with the next snail while he's eating. Snails don't have hair, so it doesn't stop him from munching them all down in a very fast 1:07. Greg, who calls himself a bastard who will eat anything, just storms them down and wipes them out in 44 seconds. Greg wins the event and knocks out Derek, who responds with this - "I put a strong mark out there and Greg beat it. I can deal with that."

Who will be able to deal with the final stunt better? The person who can their Fear Factor car out of a moving truck and closer to the starting line will be able to. They get the car by figuring out which of the three keys that they have starts the car and drives them out of the truck and towards the $50,000.

Greg, who wants to dispel the myth of the muscle guys sucking in the show, realizes that the only way to dispel this is to win the whole thing. He has been very impressive so far with the first 2 stunts, is just as impressive with this one, as he gets the car with the first key and gets out very quickly. He does neglect to step on the brake, so the motion forces the car to move backwards, so there is a glimmer of hope for Kasey.

That sets up a very high bar for Kasey. Not only does she have to move quickly, she has to get the car on the first key. She does indeed get it on the first key and the strategy of stepping on the brake does indeed prove the difference. She beats Greg, who was just the man for most of the show, for the $50,000. The muscle man once again fades into obscurity, as apparently, in this show, the muscle man has no shot against the wacky blonde.

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