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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
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Episode 3.20 - February 9

Meg and Adam's biggest threat, Melissa and Jim, are gone - and although they take Meg and Adam's cars with them, Adam and Meg are eyeing a much larger prize - one million dollars. Will they get it? Or will Jackson and Monica (now their biggest threats) or Todd and Rachel (who just won the last stunt) or James/Meghan (who have won squat)

It's a funny thing that I bring the wheels up - because Joe brings another pair of cars out - a pair of Mazdas. Those go to the winners of this stunt - and that's the team who can get the most amount of flags. They do this by the female leaning over a 2o inch beam and grabbing as many as 6 flags. They will be holding on to a pole that the male member of the team will be holding. Whoever gets the most amount of flags (or who are the quickest at it) will walk away with the cars.

Meghan and James go first - and maybe they can win something this time around. While the other teams talk strategy, Meghan just yells at James. You can already tell that this stunt will take awhile, as they take over 4 minutes, but Meghan gets 4 flags in 4:38.05. She could have gotten more, but James drops the balancing rope and once again, James is to blame for the team's collapse.

Still, 4 flags is tough to beat - but doable. Meg and Adam see this as the perfect second chance - and they play like it, as they get flag #4 in 1:14. She's leaning all the way over - and it pays off as they complete it in 1:49.6. "Obviously, they compete much better up there than they do on the ground," smirks Joe. They finally get a feeling if trust - and is it possible that the bickering Bickersons have finally turned the corner?

Todd says that they can do this in 1:30 - but Rachel rolls her eyes at him. She has good reason to - she only gets 2 flags in the same time that it takes Meg and Adam to get all of the flags and they are out of the running. But instead of quitting, they are trying to get all of the flags, and it's taking them a while - a long while.

Past the 4 minute Mark, Joe starts to have fun with them, telling Rachel to not quit because Todd quit on one of the stunts in yesterday's show. After that doesn't stop them, Joe continues to heckle them - "The 2005 Mazdas will be out before you guys are done with the stunt", and then him and the rest of the contestants on the ground decide to boycott them, by turning around, not watching them complete the stunt, and then, eventually, mooning them. Nice. What happens if you take too long? You get to ass the fannies of everyone else in the competition. Todd and Rachel finally get the hint and they stop trying at the 6 minute mark.

To save themselves from seeing Joe Rogan's behind, Jackson and Monica need to get the stunt done quicker - but to win the cars, they need to beat 1:49.6. Not wanting to see Joe's butt is a good motivator, as they get the first four flags at break-neck speed. On the last flag, Jackson lets go of the rope, forcing Monica to lunge for the flag. She leaps for it...and misses, causing them to only get 5 flags and Monica to rip into Jackson. Meg and Adam win their second set of cars - and they have to be the favorites to win it all.

Whoever wins the next stunt will be the favorite with a weekend in Las Vegas - with $5,000 worth of gambling money. Joe shows everyone 2 vats. In the first vat are ten chicken feet covered by 400 rats - and the men need to grab the chicken feet using their mouths. The second tank contains another 400 rats - and the women have to lie in the tank with the chicken feet. The fastest couple goes to Vegas - but everyone else gets a free pass.

James and Meghan starts first, and James, according to him, wants to throw up. It shows, as it looks like he's taking his sweet time. He finishes it in 1:13.8, which isn't a bad time - but I don't think it's going to be quick enough.

Meg and Adam are next - and she is asked if she'd rather be in the tank or taking the feet. She says she'd rather be in the tank - but she changes her tune when the rats come pouring in. Meg is told to not sit up - but she sits up and decides to quit. The forerunners are not going to win this, and all of the love from the last stunt is gone now as Adam yells at Meg.

Todd and Rachel want to get married in Vegas - as does Jackson and Monica, so they both want this. While Rachel is being covered, Adam and Meg are still bitching in the background. Todd is doing this like someone who wants to be married in Vegas, as he does it in 41.7 seconds - but they are being foreshadows by Adam and Meg who are still whining.

Can Jackson win the trip? He is going fast, too as he gets it done in...35.2 seconds. Adam can only watch in disgust as Jackson and Monica will be going there for the honeymoon.

But whoever comes in last on this stunt will be leaving for their honeymoon a bit early, as the losing team is eliminated. One of the members of the team will be suspended by 4 cuffs over the pool. The other person has to get the bolt cutters and cut all 4 wires, dropping the teammate into the pool. When that happens they have to get the flag on the side of the pool to stop the clock. The winning team gets 10 grand - the losing team makes a grand exit.

Joe talks strategy, advising that the stronger swimmer should be the person doing the cutting - even if it means that the girl should be doing it. Meghan says that she is the strongest swimmer - but she tells James to do the swimming. James has the chance to once again screw up - but he gets it done in 1:22.8 and that seems like a decent time.

Todd decides that he wants to do it - against Rachel's wishes, since she wants to do it because she thinks that she's the better swimmer. Todd tries to hyperventilate himself to get more oxygen, but on the fourth station, he has to go back up for breath, and that costs them priceless seconds - and it's painfully evident when they complete the stunt in 1:24.9. Rachel says that it's ok, but Todd wants to hang himself by his limbs - maybe good enough for some drawing and quartering.

Jackson and Monica just blaze through the stunt in 1:02.1, and they are in prime position for the $10,000. Adam and Meg can stop them - but they need to get past 1:24.9 to stay on the show. Rachel and Todd know that they are beat - and Rachel tells Todd to to cry. Jackson and Monica will be crying, because Adam and Meg get it done in 1:01.9. Todd and Rachel shouldn't by crying too much - they win $20,000 as a consolation prize - but that's all they are winning.

We are down to the final 3 - and we will see next week which one of them will be winning a million dollars.

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