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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.3 - October 6

We're giving away cars, we're giving away cash, and someone can win ONE HUNDRED THOUUUUUUSAND DOLLARS!!!! No, we're not playing Wheel of Fortune - we're playing Fear Factor...but we do have a wheel involved - a roulette wheel, as the spinning ball will stop at a number and someone will win a new Mazda RX 8.

The number that the ball stops on is....24. The owner of that number is....Jamison! He wins the car, and he is going nuts. Tallying up the scores, we have Jamison - Car, Josh - $1,000 and Krisandra - $0 and a taste of dead spiders in her mouth.

Intermission time - and Krisandra and Jamison are concerned about each other - neither of them are concerned about Josh, as they both think that he is too concerned about his hair than winning.

But we are done with the bonus round - let's get back to the game. Speaking of cars, our next stunt features two of them (Las Vegas taxi cabs), suspended over 100 feet between buildings. Starting in the first car, they have to release 4 flags, then jump to the second one, get the key to the taxi in the trunk, go inside the taxi, turn on the ignition, then honk the horn. To make things even better, the sprinkler system is being turned on, which means that the cars will be wet and slippery. The 2 people who release the most flags - or the 2 people that get them all the quickest, moves on to the Fear Factor finals.

Josh, Mr. Hair Gel, goes first. He thinks that the fear of heights will get to him. He's certainly taking his time, but he gets all of the flags off the first taxi without falling. He jumps to the second car - and makes it, clutching to the hood. He is taking his sweet time, but he does complete the stunt in 3:46 seconds. He does get it done, so if either of them screws up, he's looking pretty. If neither of them screw up, he's in trouble.

One of the people determined to get him into trouble is Jamison. He is going much faster than Josh on that first 4 flags. Here is the jump...and he makes it as well. He is grooving, and although he hesitates a little at the end, he stored up more than enough time at the beginning to be slow now. It's done in 3:14, which guarantees him a shot to get in.

It's down to Krisandra. She also goes much faster than Josh, and everything is looking good for her. Can she make the jump between the cars? She gets the running leap...and...jumps way to soon. She does not hang on to the hood and goes flying off of the taxi. In addition, she closes her eyes before jumping, and if you can't see where you are going to hold on to the car, you can't see the money that you have just lost. Good-bye, Krisandra.

Josh and Jamison are left. We go to the Luxor, where 2 lovely ladies reveal a plastic coffin full of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The men will be handcuffed and placed into the coffin with over 15,000 of those critters. They have a set of 5 Fear Factor keys. One of them opens the handcuffs. One of them opens up the cage. Whoever gets out of the cuffs and coffin first wins the $50,000.

Jamison does not want to go first - but Josh wins the coin toss, and sure enough, Jamison has to go first. He goes into the cage - amd to be blunt, he freaks out. He does eventually gets the cuffs off - but it takes him 4 and a half minutes to do so. He completes it in 5:18, and that's really really, slow. Jamison knows it and he knows that he will be leaving Las Vegas in his car - without the money.

Jamison thinks that there's no way that Josh will beat him (or so he says) but he balks when Josh wants to use the car as a side bet. Josh gets to go in the cage, and those cockroaches are certainly not going to help out his hair. Jamison is talking trash through the cage, but it's not doing him any good, as Josh gets the cuffs off in 1:30. He gets out in a little under 3 minutes, and Josh is the Fear Factor Champion, which is good enough for $50,000!

Can he win $100,000? He can if he can get through one hand of Black Jack, which he will wager $25,000 on. If you remember last season, the player who won the $50,000 lost $25,000 in the Black Jack game.

Josh starts off to speak to Joe - but we aren't at the casino table yet. We are in a swimming pool, where Joe tells him that he will be held by his ankles as he's repeatedly dunked into the pool. Each time he is in the pool, he has to grab as many flags as possible. He gets a total of 6 times, and the amount written on the flags is what he wins - and half of that is going to be gambled at the Black Jack table.

Josh gets dunked, and he is spinning around like a top. He didn't get all of them, but he got the nice sized ones - and he nailed a $10,000 flag. Josh nets a total of $38,000 - plus the $51,000 that he won earlier is $89,000.

It's time to go to the Black Jack table - and he has to bet half of it. He will either be leaving with $44,500 - or $133,500. Nice. Josh says that he hasn't had much luck with Black Jack - but hopefully, it will get better now. It would be nice time to do it...

He gets the chips - and puts down the $44,500 worth of chips. yee-haw. Wouldn't it be fun if he gets to double down or split them? Heh, heh, heh...Josh lets Joe cut the cards, and away we go...

The dealer is showing a nine. Joe's first card is a 6, and his second card is...a nine. He has 15 against a 9. Of course, you are supposed to hit that, but there's $44,500 at stake. Josh says that he traditionally stays on 15 (wha?), but he consults his odds card, which, of course, tells him to hit it. The crowd tells him to hit too, and he does - with an ACE. He now has 16, and the odds card still says to hit it. Josh says that the crowd says to stay, and Joe says that there are a couple of maniacs say to hit it.

Josh does freeze and the dealer reveals...a 3. The dealer has 12, and she has to hit again, revealing...a KING! The dealer goes bust, and Josh has won $133,500! I hope he gives her a good tip. Here's a tip for him - don't go back to the table, since fear wasn't a factor for him - but neither was good gambling.

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