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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.17 - January 19 (2)

The stunts have already taken it's toll on the married people - there is only one married couple left - Tommie and Gina. In addition, Monica and Meghan have the flu - and Meghan is so sick that she isn't there.

Will the couples be sick over the next stunt? The couples will be hanging on by their ankles to a crane that is spinning faster and faster. The couple that stays on without letting go of the rope that they are holding on to will win a Capital One card that ranges from $10,000-$50,000 - depending on which one that they pick.

Tommie is telling Gina that they have the advantage on this stunt, since Gina is a huge shopaholic and probably wants it more than anyone, but Adam and Meg, the hated ones, go first. They hang on for 51 seconds before Meghan lets go of the rope and they fall in. Of course, Meghan is bitching at Adam as the bickering Bickersons continue.

Next up is Meghan and James - but since Meghan is sick, and James can't hold on to himself (well, he could, but hee.. heeee...let's skip this one). He has to sit out. Jim and Melissa are next up, and Jim reminds us that he is poor, Adam and Meg are rich, and he despises them. He despises the stunt too, as they only hold on for 30.3 seconds.

The strategy is simple, the woman has to be holding on to the weight of the guy, and the strategy of the guy is to give the woman as much slack as possible. Todd should know this, as they have been the strategy team. Strategy doesn't help Rachel's grip, as she lets go in 43 seconds. "$50,000 worth of Capital One Credit Card went flying away from me."

Will it fly away from Jackson and Monica, who have already won $10,000? They make it past the 51 second mark, and Monica screams as she lets go of the rope. 1:07.4 is the time, and we have a new player in the 3 team race.

It comes down to the shopaholics, but the next time that Gina shops, she'll be looking for some stick-um. The only hang on for 33 seconds, so Jackson/Monica win their second straight event and they may be the team to beat. Tommie tells Gina that she doesn't deserve the cards. Gina's reaction? "Kiss my ass." As for the cards, Monica picks the top card - and it's worth $25,000! The more flu you have, the better you do?

If that's the case, then Meghan, who has returned from the hospital, should be doing ok, but one of the couples will not be after this stunt, which is akin to a pie eating contest. The ingredients in the pies, however, are a little different then what's on the standard menu. Here are the delicacies for this contest:

Duck Tongue Pie
Maggot Pie
Pig's Stomach Pie
Rotten Fish Pie
and let's not forget the bile crust.

In each of the 4 pies is a coin. the couples have to put each coin in a bowl, and then share a shake for two - but the contents of the shake are the same contents that are in the pies. The couple with the strongest stomachs win $10,000, while the couple with the weakest stomach will have all the time in the world to get Pepto Bismol.

Fear Factor Milkshakes - sponsored by Kelis, who says that her milkshakes taste much better than yours. In this case, she is completely right, unless she uses maggo... I guess I should stop now on this one before I get some nasty e-mails.

"I like disgusting things," says Meghan. "That's why she's dating me," says Jim. Nice. This can't possibly be good for someone that's dealing with the flu. They are making great time, until Jim stops to gag. Part of the reason? Meghan only drinks 20%, leaving Jim to drink the rest of it. He upchucks and they don't finish the stunt. Jim is eliminated and that's another stunt that he can be blamed for.

They can still survive, though, if someone else doesn't finish the stunt - but Jim and Melissa know that it won't be them. Despite Melissa and Jim gagging, they get it done in 2:51.9. After they know that they completed the stunt, they relieve themselves in the bushes. Jim talks about how this is the worst thing he's even seen in Fear Factor, and I'll have to be close to agree, with the maggoty cheese pizza being a close second.

Todd and Rachel start the stunt - or should I say Todd, as Rachel is getting freaked out and allows Todd to get the coins all by himself. Rachel joins him on the milkshake, and they guzzle it down in 1:05.1. Maybe they used Rachel's cooking as good practice for these stunts. "It tastes like your lasagna." says Todd. Nice.

Monica and Jackson is next, and this time around, it's the guy who bails. They get to the shake in plenty of time, but Jackson bails, which leaves Monica to drink the whole shake down. She does so, but in 1:13, which means that if Jackson did anything, they would have won it. "Jackson is your weak link right now," says Joe. Jackson should take a seat next to Jim.

Adam and Meg go up. They actually have the reverse problem - they wolf down the shake, but they lose too much time trying to find the coins and they complete the stunt in 1:17. A pissed off Adam curses everyone out, and of course he blames Meg. They do get the stunt done though, which puts Meghan and James in the oven, ready for their gooses to be cooked.

All Gina and Tommie have to do is complete the stunt, and they advance. They are struggling, and their hesitation gives Rachel and Todd the $10,000. Adam, seeing that they can knock out Jim and Meghan, tells Tommie to help Gina out, but Tommie gags and they can't complete the stunt either, giving new life to Jim and Meghan.

Since both teams screwed up, the tiebreaker is... the other teams vote. Wha? This isn't Survivor! Tommie and Gina make sure that it isn't, as they say that Meghan and James did a better job - and they vote themselves out of the competition. The other teams are forced to comply, and there is a great spirit of fair play by Tommie and Gina. Fair play, however, doesn't make them win a million dollars, and Tommie and Gina are gone. As for James? "I still feel like I lost."

Meghan and James are clearly the weakest team left - and they are also the only team left that hasn't won anything. Will they be out due to fait accompli, or can they rebound and send someone else home? We shall see in 7 days.

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