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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.18 - February 2

So last week nothing happened except some prizes changed hands and some people got more irritable at each other. Those irritable people, Adam and Meg, want to take it out by getting rid of another team - any team - but preferably Melissa and Jim, since they are the arch rivals - and they have Adam and Meg's set of wheels. Will that happen - or will Adam and Meg get hoisted by their own petard?

Meg and James, conversely, haven't won squat - but they only want to win the last one for a million. This stunt will be for a hundredth of it - but for $10,000 and a pair of underwater digital cameras, this isn't too bad. The guy has to climb up a rope and hand the woman 2 keys, which unlock doors to a cage that will free them. The catch? both the cage and the ropes are being flown around by a helicopter.

Jackson and Monica start us off - and Monica still hates Meg, while Jackson was hoping that this was an elimination stunt, because he predicts that he will beat half of the teams with no problems. He may be right on that, since they get it done in 46 seconds.

Jim and Melissa, who now have the jeeps, are next up. Despite Jim nailing his head on the top of the cage, They nail it quickly in 37.7 seconds and Jackson/Monica may be happy that it wasn't an elimination stunt.

Adam and Meg are third - and they think that if they beat Jim/Melissa, then they are set. Adam kisses his biceps for good luck, and away they go. Adam goes flying up the rope, and although Meg is slow with the key, they finish it in 37.5 seconds - and there goes the 10 grand. Everyone thinks that the money is Adam/Meg...

But here comes James and Meghan, and James is determined to finally get them on the board. The determination will happen on the next stunt, as James's technique of getting up the rope was the wrong one. He didn't even get up the rope until more than 40 seconds elapsed, and James, once again, is the reason why they have no money.

It's only Todd and Rachel who are left - and Adam/Meg are already spending the money in their mind. They can spend it in real life as Todd also can't get up the rope. At least James made it all the way up -Todd decided that he's had enough and quits, jumping in the water and leaving Rachel in the cage. James pumps his fists in the air and says that he felt like he won $10,000. Rachel gives Todd a talking-to, and Todd is concerned about that - as Rachel is concerned about Todd giving up in an elimination stunt. Still waters run deep...

But the next stunt is deeper - this is the elimination stunt of the episode, and the couples have to do this one in the pouring rain. The men will be going into a dumpster, trying to find a canister of pig uterus and cow stomach. Once the guy finds a canister, the woman has to find a key that opens it. If the canister is empty, they have to find another one. If the canister has the ingredients in it, then it must be eaten. The slowest couple can make all of the pig and cow pates that they want - after the show.

Jim and Melissa go first, and Jim is having a heck of a time trying to find a canister. The reason? He's looking on the top of the dumpster. Jim may be fast, but he commits the dumb-ass move of the episode by not realizing that the canisters would be at the BOTTOM of the dumpsters, since they wouldn't float - they would sink in the rain. Joe told them that they lost by 2 tenths of a second on the last stunt - and not to let that happen to them here. With a time of 9:18.5 that was completed, I guarantee that they will not lose by 2 tenths of a second - they will lose by a lot more.

Meghan and James are next - and we will see real quickly how good - or bad - Jim and Melissa's time is. Meghan gags - a lot - but finishes in 8:53.1. That would be the closest that anyone would get, and I think that Jim and Melissa should be comfortable with the cars - because that's all they are getting.

Adam and Meg are third, and they are not going to help out at all - they get it done in 5:35 and blow out the other 2 team's times. Can Jackson and Monica stop Adam and Meg? Monica finds the first canister of food rather quickly and she gets it down much quicker than Meg. Their time? 4:44, and Meg and Adam have another team to be pissed at. Adam and Meg bitch at each other some more, which culminates in Adam being slapped by Meg. Ouch.

It could be even more painful for Jim and Melissa if Todd and Rachel get this done quicker in 9:18. If not, then it's Todd/Rachel who goes home. Todd finds the first 2 canisters immediately and Rachel wolfs it down. The result? They get it done in under 4 minutes, and they win the $10,000 - and we are now seeing other teams making a play at the top.

Jim and Melissa will not be one of those teams. Thanks to Jim's brain fart, they will be going home. They did have a good run and they will be grabbing some goodies with them - but that's all they wrote and they leave in an upset. That could be the break that Adam and Meg wanted, as they think that only Jackson and Monica are the legitimate threats left. We'll see if they can get them out next week - or if it will be someone else who takes the walk of shame.

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