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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
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Episode 3.4 - October 13

Michelle Concalo (Dartmouth, MA) believes that good things come in small packages. Josh Davis (Salt Lake City) plays to win. Buffy Brown (Omaha, NE) is playing for her 3 year old daughter. Dominic Grubb (Brick, NJ) is playing for his sick dad. Gina Main (Washington DC) is going to lull everyone into a false sense of security. Sean Cashman (Sydney, Australia) is sick of the cocky Yanks. One of there people will be looking good - the other 5 will be looking like idiots.

I hope they like helicopters. The contestants will be moving across the bottom of a helicopter, picking off flags. The man and woman with the least amount of flags (or who takes the longest amount of time in getting all of them) is eliminated.

Josh is first - and he says that he's the big dog. Dominic calls him a poodle. He looks more like a dachshund (a wiener dog), but he is moving quick, like a terrier. He gets all of the flags and gets it done in 35 seconds, which isn't too shabby. "No pain, no gain." says Josh, who shows everyone his bruises.

Dominic says that he wants to squash Josh - and he says that he's miffed that no one considers him a threat. His performance indicates that... he should be taken just as seriously as Josh. He gets it done exactly in 35 seconds. They both automatically advance - and Sean can too if he gets it done in less than 35 seconds.

"I have to make it - there's no questions about it," says the Australian. He is moving like a Tasmanian Devil, and although he slows down near the end, he gets it done in 32 seconds - which is good enough to advance. All of the guys move on.

Can the women pull the tie-thing too? Buffy is ready - and the guys say that she needs the money to pay for the surgery. Nice. Buffy did a wedding ceremony in the Lord of the Rings theme - and she performs the first stunt as gracefully as Golem. Buffy gets ZERO flags, and her 3 year old kid can only hide behind her pacifier in shame.

Buffy is automatically gone, and all the women have to do is to get one measly flag. No $1,000 bonus? Lame. Gina is first to the challenge - and she gets a few flags before going into the drink. Michelle who's $17,000 in debt due to excessive credit card spending, gets the whole thing done in 49 seconds. After the first stunt, we have 5 people advancing.

The fun continues in the next round, as contestants have to bob for cow's hooves in a vat of cod liver oil. They then have to drop it in a container of maggots, then take a mouthful of maggots and put it on the scale. The 2 people who get the least amount on the scale in 2 minutes don't get to see what the third stunt looks like live.

Josh goes first - and he looks like he's taking his sweet time. "You've got to get bigger mouthfuls - I know you've got a big mouth," yells Joe. Joe only gets 1.75 pounds, and that doesn't seem like a lot. Michelle, who is used to the smell of being in a nursing home, seems to go much faster than Josh. "I thought you were a lady up until then." Michelle only got 1.5 pounds, so Josh is in the lead.

Gina, who's used to disgusting things, like doing the husband's laundry, is next. She is going much slower than Josh, and Joe needs to remind her that she's in a race. She beats Michelle's weight. She gets a massive 2.7 pounds ("You are a savage!") and she automatically qualifies for the finals.

Sean can send Gina - or himself home. He's used to eating maggots (eh?) Sean is quick - but he's taking little mouthfuls. The speed outpaces his bites, and Sean racks up over 2 pounds. Bye-bye, Michelle. Dominic can send Josh home - unless he ties him again at 1.75 pounds. Dominic wants to make sure that it doesn't happen - and he does in convincing fashion. 3.05 pounds worth of maggots is good enough to send Josh home.

Sean, Gina and Dominic advance - and they brace themselves for one last stunt. For the final stunt, the players have to launch themselves onto a moving ramp car. Cool. Whoever launches themselves the farthest wins the $50,000.

Sean goes first - and he launches himself 65 feet, 6 inches. That seems like a decent length - but it also seems beatable. Gina is next - and her dad dies on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, Dominic admits that he fell asleep and he flipped his car. Sean - "Did you flip it further than 65 feet?" Nice.

Gina didn't get as much air as Sean did - but she got a nice roll. Was it nice enough? According to the tape...yes. She screams, and according to Sean, "This means that I'm going home, right?" Right. G'Day, Mate.

For the record, she gets the length of 77 feet, 1 inch - and that's what Dominic needs to beat. Gina is praying for Dominic to mess up - but it doesn't happen and he goes 94 feet, 2 inches. That's good enough for $50,000 - and a victory lap.

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