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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.8 - November 4

Carrie Metzger, Erin Toland, Ryan Reitke, Johnny Johnson Jr., Jessica Jensen and Ross Kelly are all ready to win $50,000 - well they say they are - but are they really? That's what we will be finding out as Joe gives them the usual lecture.

You have to dive into a reservoir and go into a submerged bus, take out 4 crash test dummies and put them on a raft. The man and woman who are the slowest, or who rescue the least number of dummies before quitting, will be considered dummies themselves.

Johnny, who has successfully come out of the hood, has triplets - and $50,000 will pay a lot of food bills. We get to see a picture of his kids (awwwwBarf) as he's imagining that it's his kids in the bus to rescue. "Think of the Triplets" yells Joe. Well, uh...there's only 3 triplets, and 4 dummies. Apparently, that didn't matter - and he wasn't thinking about the kids down there, because he only got one dummy out of the water in 53.7 seconds. Johnny is officially the killer of 3 drowning dummies.

That pretty much seals the deal in terms of the guys - or does it? Ross thinks that it does, as he considers himself a good swimmer. While Erin psyches herself up, Ross gets the first dummy in 33 seconds. That gets him into the next round, but just for the heck of it, he gets a second one out in 1:15.

Ryan needs to find 2 dummies (no, the members of the Pittsburgh Steelers do NOT count) and bring them in the raft to advance. He does that with ease - and he brings up 2 more of them just to rub a little more salt in Johnny's wounds. We are down from triplets to twins, as Johnny is out, out, out.

Both surviving guys warn the girls to avoid hitting their heads on the top of the bus. Carrie goes first - and she is ready to be the first person to get all four out, but "I really want three." Three may not be enough, Carrie...and I definitely think that one is not enough - but that's all she gets - albeit in 54 seconds.

Could this be the end of Carrie? Jessica is a part-time lifeguard, so things aren't looking too good for Carrie to get in by way of Jessica. She does get the first one slower by Carrie - but she also gets a second one in, and that's good enough to save the lifeguard from drowning.

Erin is the only person that will save Carrie's chances from winning the $50,000 from drowning. Erin, still psyching herself out, is screaming with Joe, as Joe is convinced that she will complete the stunt. She gets three - and Carrie is gone. Erin does decide to get all 4, which prompts Joe to scream "Now that's what I'm talking about!" She doesn't do it - but she does get three, which is the best that any woman can do - and that is better than Carrie, whose one dummy gets her bussed out of the competition.

The people are feeling confident - and Jessica is hoping that the second stunt is an eating one. Ross, who is a vegetarian, isn't too thrilled about the prospect - but the fact that they are walking through a dirty kitchen should be a sign that there will be something on the menu.

We see a hill of dirty dishes, and Joe saying, "Well, guess what you have to do next?" Uh oh...but no one's being eliminated this time around - it's a case of who can do this the best - and the winner gets a Trip to Brazil! But to do it, they have to first find 5 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and put it in a box, then drink a glass of lard-blended cow parts, then drink a glass of rotten milk. Whoever does this the quickest gets to go to Brazil - and then throw up there as they are recuperating from the stunt.

Jessica is first - and she is drinking like a trooper. She's a bit slow, but she gets it done in 1:38.6. Everyone's impressed - especially as she uses the Fear Factor Barf Bucket right afterwards. So much for looking forward to an eating stunt.

Since this is optional, the contestant's don't have to do it - but Ryan is ready for it. He really wants to go to Brazil - he speeds through the roach finding and saves enough time through the 2 glasses for a 1:09.06 time. That one is going to be very hard to beat - but Erin will try - for around 10 seconds, then gives up. "You big baby - you showed us how strong you were in the water, and you can't even get one roach," Joe yells at her - and he keeps making fun of her.

He won't be making fun of Ross, who is very quick in getting the roaches - and holds his nose when drinking the liquids. He gets it done in 59 seconds, which means that he gets to go to Brazil! Erin, all of a sudden, isn't looking so dumb, because she didn't have to drink the nasty stuff...

...but will that help her in the next round? The 4 people left are now in a lab - "This could be a rough one for you, Erin, considering how you reacted on the last one," says Joe, who uncovers their next stunt - to reveal COW's BRAINS! 'They're not moving, that's fine' retorts Erin. Well that's good for her, as they need to find 10 discs in the brains while spinal fluid is coming out of a tap that's hovering over the contestant's head. The slowest contestant will be mooing in displeasure.

Erin goes first - and she's having a lot of problems getting the discs out. "The texture of the brain is like tofu that's been three days old," says Erin, who thinks she may have vomited in the brains, too. Mmmmmmmmm yummy. She gets it done in a very slow 5:17.9, which would be long enough for her to make her own cheeseburger.

Could it be because she's slow - or because the stunt it that difficult to do? Ross will find out right now - and we find out that it's the latter. The stunt is really time consuming and Ross gets it done in 5:32. Erin does indeed advance, and now Ross is in the hot seat.

Will Jessica be as slow, or will she able to get it done? She gets it done quickly enough - 4:20 - so she's in. Ryan can get revenge on Ross taking the Brazil trip from him by him taking the $50,000 shot away from Ross. He does so - he gets it done in 3:47 - and that will send Ross packing to Brazil a little bit earlier than he wants.

For the first time in a while, we have 2 women and one guy in the finals. The women think that they will prevail - and in order to do that, they have to move across a field of collapsing beams and get as many flags as they can before the beams catch up to them.

The lone male, Ryan, goes first, and he admits that it would suck if he lost. The wrestling is flying across the cross. "I told you, don't sleep on the wrestler," says Joe. I don't know if they want to sleep ON him, but they may want to after he gets completes the course in 34 seconds.

But will the wrestler be any match for a former gymnast? That would be Jessica, and though her balance is good, her speed isn't - she misses a flag, and she's done.

The wrestler is 34 seconds away from $50,000 - but Erin, who psyched herself up earlier, seems psyched out by Ryan's time. She says that she can't do it - and the beam falls out with a flag, which ends her time - but it start's Ryan's spending spree time, as he walks away with the $50,000.

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