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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.24 - March 1

March comes in like a lion, and even though Pamela Toulden, Tammy Minchiello, Christine Bratton, Sheena Perry, Rochelle Ovlit and Jennifer Tiersma aren't lionesses, they are looking for have the most amount of pride (heh heh hee) on this special women's only Fear Factor.

Do lionesses like water? We'll find out as the women will be stuck in a human-sized vial, be dropped into cold water, unless the screws at the bottom and swim up to the surface. The two slowest women are eliminated, while the person who comes in first will set up the order of the women to go for the second stunt. The first-place-getting-to-pick is a great idea, and I wonder why they haven't been doing this before.

For the first stunt, though, they do the random draw, and Tammy goes first. Tammy can't get both handles unscrewed in one breath. Fortunately, the vial isn't completely submerged, so she can go up for air as needed. Unfortunately, she takes her sweet time, and she actually tightened the screws instead of loosening them. She realizes that by the time she is done that the whole crew would be done watching Titanic - the Director's Cut, and she quits.

Rochelle is next - and she says that she is not going to give up. She gets one done, and the coming attractions before the movie have finished. Despite being bribed a hot chocolate from Joe, Rochelle says that she can't turn it and she quits too. Joe does get her the hot chocolate anyways. AwwwwBarf.

Well, now this changes. All the women have to do is to complete the stunt and they advance. The quickest person still decides the order. Sheena goes - and she quits after 30 seconds. She says that she is terrified of the dark and she says that none of the women can finish the stunt.

Pamela wants to refute that, claiming that she will be the first person to complete the stunt. She won't - she gets the first one easily, but at the 9 minute mark she loses strength and she quits. She is pissed with herself.

There are now 2 women left - and Joe tells them that if they both do it, it's down to both of them for $50,000. They both wish each other luck - and they mean it, since they would love to get rid of 4 people. Christine is next - and she quits as she smacks her head on the top of the vial - without even starting the stunt.

It's down to Jennifer. If she completes the stunt, then she will win $25,000 by herself and the rest of the women will join her for the next stunt. If she doesn't, then the pot will only be for $25,000 and and the women are wimps. Jennifer does the 2 things that the other women don't - she only uses one breathe and she plops her feet on the floor and anchors them as she opens up the portals. That's enough and she wins the $25,000!

Who will win the other $25,000? All of the women say that they will, as they were all humiliated by Jennifer. The question is - how will the be humiliated by Fear Factor? Joe shows the women a box of 30 boas and a few hundred geckos. The women will be going against each other by sliding up magnets from the bottom to the top to the cage. The losing woman of each heat will be slithering out of the competition.

Jennifer will select the 2 women who compete against each other. Jennifer sets Christine and Rochelle against each other because she wants Rochelle to go. It's part strategy, and part dislike - especially since Rochelle says that she feels the same way. The strategy works, as Christine wins and Rochelle, who thought that the show would be more glamorous and admits to be a spoiled girl, is eliminated. Well, this isn't America's Next Top Model, Rochelle...

Heat 2 will be Jennifer herself - and Sheena. Sheena says that she's not a quitter - which is true - but she's not too fast either. Jennifer picked the right competitor, and despite being bitten by a gecko, she advances and Sheena goes home. The final heat, by process of elimination, is Tammy and Pamela. Tammy just storms up there, being that she wants nothing to do with the geckos, and she advances. Pamela, who was pissed that the got stuck against Tammy, goes home.

Will Jennifer pick up the other half of the $25,000? Or will Tammy or Christine who achieves a split. The winner will be the person who picks up as many flags through a crooked tube before being blown out of it by the 100+ MPH winds and water that are inside the tube. Christine says that it will be hers - and that she will get at least 4 of them. She does that - and gets an extra one for good measure. Final tally - 5 flags in a minute.

That's not too bad - but it can be beaten. Will Jennifer, who already won $25,000, beat her time and get into position for the full amount? She also gets 5 flags - but in 39 seconds and that blows away Christine's time. Tammy can beat Jennifer is she gets 6 flags - or get 5 flags in less than 39 seconds. Tammy says that she is going for 7 - but she doesn't even get 3 as she goes flying out. Jennifer, as the only person to complete everything, is the only person to win everything - which makes her the queen of the jungle.

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