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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.21 - February 16

It all boils down to this - 3 stunts away from a million dollars. This stunt, however, won't knock anyone out of the competition - but it will give someone a trip to Russia and a chance to fly faster than the speed of sound. How do they win the trip? One person has to drive their truck onto the back of a pickup truck, while the second person has to give directions - because the first person will be blindfolded. The quickest team gets to test their speed in Russia.

Adam thinks that it's all about calling out right and left. James thinks that they can win this car stunt - which is good because he and Meghan haven't won diddly squat.

Jackson and Monica will be the first team to go - and Jackson says that their communication needs to improve, as we see that they blew chunks in the flag catching stunt from the last time out. The skills don't improve any here, as they screw up the first time - but get it done the second time in 1:24.42. It's a decent time, but it's certainly beatable...

...and Adam and Meg, who already have trips all over the world, will be the ones to try to beat it. Meg tells Adam that she can give directions - but Adam has pointed out that Meg has already screwed up directions twice today. Make it three times - they get on the truck - and then fall off, going spinning around and taking themselves out of the running. We get more screaming and arguing as we see a slow motion of the car going bye bye.

Meghan and James can also go bye-bye - to Russia. Joe asks them if they are frustrated that they haven't won - but Meghan wisely points out that they are still on the show - something that 6 other couples can't say. They also can't say that they haven't won anything, as they get it done in 12 second. "They finally won something!" yells Joe, as James and Meghan will be eating borscht for 2 weeks.

But will they be eating crow on the next stunt? Someone WILL be going home in this one. Remember the rat stunt, where the women got covered in hundreds of rats? Well, this time, someone will be covered in hundreds of TARANTULAS!!! The men will suck a mixture of blended crickets and spit it out into a tube, which will release a ball to unlock a key to a hacksaw which cute off a metal bar to end the stunt. The slowest team is out - but the quickest team will decide who goes first for the final stunt.

After Joe lets the teams decide who will be doing what duty, we start with Meghan and James - and Meghan will be in the box. As Meghan sits in the box - we see that crickets have been added so the tarantulas can dine on them instead of Meghan. James gets through it rather quickly - and 2:22.4 seems like a decent time.

Jackson and Monica are the next people to go. Meanwhile, Meg, who already quit in the rat stunt, is freaking out. Monica isn't too thrilled either - but she'll do it for a million dollars. I thought the 2:22.4 was good - but Jackson blows that away and he and Monica will be going into the finals.

Will Adam and Meg be joining them? It looks like no, as it also looks like Meg won't take 10 million to get into the box. Meg does get into the tank - and she has second thoughts. Adam tries to talk her out of it, telling her to picture going to Spain, Africa or taking a car, but it's no use and Meg, one stunt away from a million dollars, throws it down the toilet.

Meg apologizes to Adam - but Adam doesn't want an apology, he wants the million - which he isn't getting. They could have switched roles, but Adam thought that Meg wouldn't do it in 2:22 - and I'm forced to agree. They leave - and the look on Adam's face makes it clear that even though they are hugging, he wouldn't mind stuffing Meghan in the cage - and leaving it locked.

Could James and Meghan, the eternal underdogs, win the million? They could pull off the huge upset as we see the one million dollar stunt - the women are handcuffed behind a boat. The men are dangling from a helicopter. When they meet, the men have to unlock the women and they both have to swim to the platform on the other side. The team that does this the quickest wins the cash.

Jackson and Monica force Meghan and James to go first - and they hope that their physicality, combined with James propensity to suck, will make it easy on them to win. The second part is working like a charm, as James has massive problems trying to take off the handcuffs. They complete it in 1:21.6, which is decent, but a clean run will beat the time. Meghan knows it, and she curses out James for being stupid enough to keep the key on his wrist, instead of taking it off. James knows it and he wonders if she would have had the million - and a lot more goodies - with a better partner.

Jackson and Monica go - and Jackson is having problems with the keys as well. It looks like it will be very close - and it is. The time that Jackson and Monica get is...1:06.6. They win the million and James knows that they could have won it if he didn't screw up with the cuffs. Jackson and Monica embrace, and Meghan and James congratulate them in a gesture of good sportsmanship.

7 teams - and 17 stuns - later, Jackson and Monica win the million - and they get the wedding in Vegas. Nice. We'll see how nice it is when we have new people going after new stunts...

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