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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.23 - February 24

Anthony Dibierto is a self-proclaimed winner, Traci McCarthy was in the army in Korea, Claudia Agosto wants to get this done and over with, Jason Chambers holds him self up to his own standards, Bruna Robio is more worried about the guys than the girls, and Scott Turner is on the show not caring about the money - but looking for a girl. Wha?

These wacky people are all here to complete the first stunt - which is to collect flags off of a pole which is being carter around via helicopter. He has to take the last flag, not drop it - but put it back to the starting mark - and then fall into the water. The slowest man and woman to do this won't be seen by anybody after the 9:30 pm mark.

We start off with our own looney-bird - Scott, who is looking to find the girl that she spent 2 hours with at a reggae festival. The name is Kristy, who's birthdate is May 7, 1975 and she lives in California. Well, maybe Scott would remember more if we wasn't smoking on the stuff that you usually have at the reggae festivals. Joe reminds Scott that he better complete the first stunt - because if not and Kristy comes home late, then it's all over. He completes the stunt in 36.8 seconds, and that looks good in terms of a time for Kristy to see him later on in the broadcast.

Anthony is ready to send Scott to a Rocky Mountain high - and he thinks he learned something - Scott flipped from the top to the underbelly of the pole - and he moved faster. Would Anthony try that same strategy? He does - but he moves a lot slower - 52 seconds. Jason, who's into mixed martial arts and has a tattoo of a warrior, tells Anthony to kiss his ass good-bye - and with a time of 43.6 seconds, Jason gives Anthony's ass his walking papers.

Which woman will be joining Anthony and his...uh...assets? Bruna, who plays a soap opera villainess on Spanish TV, says "You will never talk to me again" in Spanish for her acting line. That may not be completely true, but a time of 1:05.9 does seem to be a little slow.

Claudia believes that she can beat it - and says "Bye, honey" to Bruna. She may have been right - but not in the way that she wanted, as she was struggling - but she squeezes it in 104.1. Traci is just going to start in the quick position, and she says hi to her daughter Drew. She is doing great - until the Fear Factor flag gets in her face. She can't see what she's doing, and the indecision costs her as she lands face first in the water with a time of 1:13. A disappointed Tricia looks from her rescue boat as she sees everyone else leave the stunt...

...into the second stunt. There is a oil tank in front of the contestants - but it's not filled with oil. It's the Fear Factor fondue party, and in the vat is some stinky cheese. The players have to get 5 chunks of cheese - and then eat one live giant horse grasshopper. The three quickest people will move on to the next round - and the fourth person will be able to stare at the bugs.

Jason starts it off - and he gets the cheese with no problems. When it comes to the grasshoppers, he takes a little while longer, but he still munches them down in 1:44.5. He did take some time - but he should be ok.

The lovely Bruna is next to go. She is really taking it seriously to the point that her eyes are closed with the cheese and she is feeling around the glass container for the grasshoppers. Once again, she is second away from the top, as she gets it in 1:45.6 - but once again, I expect that she will be ok. Her stomach isn't, as she uses the Fear Factor chuck 'o bucket.

We continue the love quest with Scott, as Joe says that "these grasshoppers are for Kristy." He is struggling in the cheese, and he easily looks like he will be setting the slow bar. "I've got the weakest stomach out of everyone that I know." He gets it done in 3:26.7, which means that you could probably go out and buy some chocolate covered grasshoppers and finish them before Scott does.

All Claudia has to do is to beat that time - but she has that 'I don't want to do this' look on her face and she may not complete the stunt. She doesn't seem that way when she completes the cheese - and she gets through the first grasshopper, but she is struggling with the second one and she is showing times of weakness. She is even worse than Scott and she goes past his time, which eliminates her. "I was very close to $50,000 - closer than I may ever be."

The three remaining people are also closer than they would ever get to be... not the $50,000, but maybe to a 2004 Mazda Speed MX5! They can own the car that Joe is driving - if they can get 7 car keys out of a tank of moray eels. The quickest person gets to drive away in the car.

Scott goes first - and Bruna and Jason think that he is moving way too slow. They are right - he gets it done in an agonizingly slow 5:57.9. Fortunately, he won't get eliminated, so he can still impress Kristy. unfortunately, he won't be able to impress her with a new set of wheels.

Jason is next, and he is breezing through the stunt. He completes it in 2:30...wait a sec. Jason drops the last key, and he has to go back in the tank to get it. He completes it in 3:01, but it's a full 30 second penalty and that opens the door for Bruna - but she also drops a key and she goes past Jason's time. Jason escapes the time and he wins the Mazda.

Can he drive off with the cash too? He could if he, runs over more flags on poles that are sticking out of a flat bed truck before he runs out of road. Whoever drives over the most flags in the least amount of time wins the $50,000.

Jason, who had already won a car, starts out great - but then commits the dumb-ass move of the episode and flips his car over. Oops. He does get 4 flags in a quick 43 seconds - but it's only 4 flags and it's a mark that can be easily passed by Bruna - who is even worse than Jason and only gets 3 flags.

This really opens up the door for Scott - but he struggles also to the point that he falls off of the truck with no flags. He still has road left, though, and in a last ditch effort, he runs across the truck for 5 flags and the win! Scott may not have the girl yet, but $50,000 could pay for a lot of want ads.

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