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Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Creator Dan Taberski
EP Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Rob Swartz
Jon Cooper
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch; Agua Dulce, CA
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Gravedigger vs. Maximum Destruction
February 24

Tonight in the fun house, the teams of two monster truck legends team up with two teams of kids in a head-to-head showdown to see who can build racers that can also put some destruction on the field.

Dennis Anderson, driver
Tom Meents, driver

Tonight, the teams will build battering rams. They have to be mobile and generate enough momentum to destroy their targets. The objects to destroy... double-wide mobile homes. And the methods of destruction... well, the Destroyers are on break, what with union rules and what not. But we do have two monster truck legends... Let's put 'em to work!

All together now... Three... two... one... DESTROY! And you know how monster truck drivers do... They give it 110 percent.

Now to build from the largest wreckage in DBD history. Andrew threw in some more stuff, so use what you can. There's three large on the line... . Good luck to both teams... Three... two... one... BUILD!

Joey had an idea... What better way to represent Gravedigger than to make a coffin? This coffin is going to be built for strength and weight. That ought to smash a few car windows with no problem. Meanwhile Team Max D finds a water heater. They're known for their strength, so they go with that. They are going to keep it as light as possible with a push bar as well. But the real trick.. DUAL battering rams.

Setback Challenge: Wrecking Crew

Each team gets a lot of items that can be smashed. First team to smash all 14 items with a wrecking ball gets the setback. This one is no contest, as Gravedigger wins in a walk. Now comes the sweet part...

Their options...

- Sand Dump
- Fork Lift-Off

Team Gravedigger dumps the sand... Bury'em!

Max D takes themselves out of the sand... and Tom wants to get his rival now more than ever.

At the 10 minute mark, Gravedigger notices the Max D secret weapon... That could be the X-factor.

And the build is over. Let's see what we have.

MAX D: Their machine has momentum in the form of the water heater. Then there are the dual battering rams for extra efficiency.
GRAVEDIGGER: The GD21.  The coffin has a heavy frame and one single prong.

Now to race these bad boys. They'll use their rams to smash the windows out of two cars before heading back to the start and signaling for the monster trucks to finish the job with more cars, three donuts, and a pyre jump. The first team to cross the finish line wins $3000 and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to send their truck to send the losing battering ram away.

Three.. two... one... GO!

Gravedigger's the first one to break their windows, while Max D has a little bit of trouble with their ram. They break their windows, but they need to find a way to back it up. Gravedigger has broken all of their windows, and now it's back to the start to send their truck out on the field.

Start your engines, here comes the airhorn! It's Gravedigger off first. Max D is after. It's going to be a good old fashioned Monster Jam for $3000.

And it's going to go to... GRAVEDIGGER! The kids get $1000 each. And Dennis Anderson gets to drive all up and down over Max D.

And by that, we mean either a rocket or a briefcase bomb. They go with the bomb... Bunker down. This is for real...

So until next week... three... two... one.... DESTROY!

For more information about this show, including never before seen footage, visit www.cartoonnetwork.com, keyword Destroy.