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June 20

Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Creator Dan Taberski
EP Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Rob Swartz
Jon Cooper
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch; Agua Dulce, CA
Airs 8:30p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Techies vs. Surfers: Crane Wreck
June 27

Today on the big buildoff, we have a team of web surfers versus a team of wave surfers in a game we'd like to call.. "Crane Wreck"!

The starting six...

Patrick (wants to go to the Air Force Academy)
Ryan (video gamer)
Tatyanna (loves electronics and competition)
Cody (mechanic in waiting)
Ashlyn (naturally competitive)
Jaime ("Mexican Samurai")

The teams are going to build mobile cranes out of the wreckage of semi-trucks. Like real cranes, they have to have wheels, steering, and a hook on an arm that can hook, move & hang scoring targets for later.

Each team will destroy the other's tractor, so there is strategy coming into play by making it harder for the other team to salvage wreckage. The first Destroy options...

- Bazookas!
- Destroy Build Destroy's angry house wreckers, the Destroyers.
- Slice & Dice. A test cable is wrapped around the semis. On their command, the cable will rip the semi to shreds.

The surfers will use the bazookas, while the techies will slice and dice.

Three... two... one... DESTROY!

Those trucks were destroyed real good. But now comes the creative part. Remember, you can use any or all of the bits created in the wreckage, including stuff that was in the trucks and stuff Andrew threw in to even out the playing field. Winning team pockets $3000 and the right to send the losing machine to destruction so intense that the only thing they'll be any good for is paper clips.

Three... two... one... BUILD!

The Surfers go for a radio tower construction for the arm, while the hook will have a three-prong design. The Surfers think that they have more of a cohesive team element.

Patrick of the techies won a robotics competition, so designing a crane... too easy, right? They will go with a basic hand-propelled number for stability, with counterweights and handles for increased maneuverability.

Tatyanna takes the lead in the competition. But will that help after...

Setback Challenge: Water Cannon Combat

Each team has six barrels and an incredible watercannon. They will have to use the cannons to propel all six barrels across the pond and through the finish. First team to do that will have an important decision to make.

The shooters will be Jaime & Tatyanna.

Tatyanna is off to a strong start. They have the first barrel over the finish. Orange team never stood a chance. Winners: techies.

Now they get to do some damage...

- The Fork Lift-Off. Raise their vehicle off the ground and drive it "who knows how far" to leave the other team wondering how to get it back
- The Backhoe Dump. Lots of dirt. Lots of gravel. Lots of damage.

They go with the Fork Lift-Off... Three... Two... One... TAKE IT AWAY!

And the Destroyers make the Surfers' crane go away. But they get it back. to much ballyhoo. Too much, in fact. Meanwhile, the Techies are going to get a few extra minutes to refine the design of Tatyanna's... err, her team's vehicle.

At the end of the build, here are what the teams are working with.

Surfers: The Orange Dragon. They have a three-wheeled design and a three-pronged fishhook.
Techies: The Mean Green Fighting Machine. They have a heavier arm, but they also have an upward-V hook for easier grabbing.

And now... the Final Challenge. In the pond are variously-colored targets. Get as many as you can hung on your station. The team with the most targets at the end of 10 minutes wins $3000 cash money. The losers watch their creation go away.

Green Team strikes first as Tatyanna finally decides that they're arm is REALLY HEAVY. Orange hands their first target on the board to take the early lead. Green Team catches up. The Surfers, though, blow out to an enormous lead with 6 to the Techies' 1. The Green Machine is falling apart, and with one minute remaining, there's no hope in Techie-land. Surfers win, 8-2.

Which means for the Techies, it's time to power down the Green Machine for good. Method of destruction... TNT or remote C4. Either way, it's gon' git blowed up real good. They'll go with the C4...

And until next time... Surfers, take it!

"Three... Two... One... DESTROY!"

For more information about this show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Destroy.