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Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Creator Dan Taberski
EP Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Rob Swartz
Jon Cooper
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch; Agua Dulce, CA
Airs 8p Wed, Cartoon Network
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Brains vs. Balls
November 11

Two teams... one goal... $3000, and the right to press the button on Destroy Build Destroy! Here're your teams for tonight's carnage fest.

BALLS (soccer players)
Katey, 15
Luis, 16
Alfredo, 16
Cole, 12
AJ, unknown
Cathy, 12

Tonight, the teams will build human powered water-pumping firetrucks. Like real engines, they need ladders, wheels, and a pump to deliver optimum soakage. They'll build the firetrucks from.... police cruisers!

Each team will destroy the other's cruisers, so there is strategy coming into play by making it harder for the other team to salvage wreckage. The first Destroy options...

- One word. Plastique.
- Another word. Bulldozer.
- A third word... Destroyers.

Brains choose to send the bulldozer over to the Balls' car, while the Balls... send over the Destroyers... who pop a tire. And break the light!Dirty!


The bank drops the footballers' bus off of a cliff, while the footballers unleash the howitzer.

And it's time to... Ah-ooo, ah-ooo, ah-ooo... DESTROY!

Now comes the fun bit... Remember, there are builders, wreckage, and other junk. Winners get $1000 each and the chance to rain the final pain on the losing team's vehicle. Good times.

That said, good luck to both teams... Three... two... one... BUILD!

Cole noticed that the Balls didn't really spend a lot of time looking at the parts. The Balls decide on Katey as the leader. She has an idea of putting the pump on a rotating platform, as well as a brake and a push bar that doubles as a ladder. This is just a rough sketch, so plan on it changing.

The Brains, on the other hand, decide on AJ and Cole as the leaders. They decide on a fixed pump in front, a push bar and brake in the back, and in the middle... two ladders. Cathy doesn't want it to be too heavy.. but no one listens to her.


Each team has 10 windows. First to break all of them with baseballs will win the right to inflict a setback on their opponents.

Cathy manages to break the other team's windows by mistake, while Cole is struggling. Winners... BALLS!

Now they get a choice between two setbacks...

- the Bubble Avalanche will unleash a lot of soap.
- One Hand Handicap.

They decide on the One Hand Handicap. The Balls get back to work while the Brains suit up. And as it turns out... it thoroughly sets them back. Luckily, 15 minutes isn't that long.

And... TIME! Cathy thinks that their rig is too heavy. Let's see what you have...

BALLS: The Balls' unnamed engine is basically built to the specifications made by Katey. But will it hold?

BRAINS: Brainpower has a metal ladder, a front tank, and a rear brake, but is it indeed too heavy?

Now it's time for a final challenge. Navigate your firetruck through a slalom of barrels until you reach a wall. Then using your ladder, retrieve your fire hose. Then go back across the course, extinguishing fires along the way. Then grab your water tank and spin a target until it flies off. The first team to do that wins.

Right away the brains hit a barrel... and another. Meanwhile, the Ball ladder is coming off. The Brains have their hose first. The Balls made up a lot of time... and took the lead when the Brains got tired pushing their heavy cart. Both teams start their pump... but the Ball pump is not giving their team the bit of power that they need. Cathy of the Brains is locked onto that barrel. And it's a dead heat! The Balls are connected to the final tank, but can they seal the deal on the final target?


Now comes the nice bit. How do you want to send the losing lug off in a blaze of glory? You have a time bomb... You have a naval cannon. Which will it be? Looks like it's unanimous. The Balls are using the Time Bomb.

Next week, it's Ben 10 vs. Dude, What Would Happen. Until then, someone load up the bomb...

... and you are go for boom time. Five... four... three... two... one... DESTROY!

For more information about this show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Destroy.