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Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Creator Dan Taberski
EP Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Rob Swartz
Jon Cooper
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch; Agua Dulce, CA
Airs 8:30p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Sports Nuts vs. Gear Heads: Water Wars
July 4

Today on the killer build, it's a team that likes to play with balls versus a team that likes to play with scrapmetal. It's Sports Nuts vs. Gear Heads in a showdown we're calling "Water Wars!"

The starting six...

Earl (basketballer)
Celest (softballer & volleyballer)
Trevin (national champion)
Stevie (doesn't get scared easily)
Graylyn (can change your oil)
Mike (dad's a mechanic)

The teams are going to take a car and a boat and blow'em to smithereenies. From there, they'll have to build an amphibious vehicle, one that can go on land OR water. Wheels will take care of land travel, while a water-tight body will provide the buoyancy needed for travel on the water.

Each team will destroy the other's car and boat, so there is strategy coming into play by making it harder for the other team to salvage wreckage. The first Destroy options...

- Wrecking ball... two tons worth.
- C4. Boom. !
- Destroy Build Destroy's angry house wreckers, the Destroyers.

Gear Heads go with the Destroyers, while the Sports Nuts utilize the C4. It's explosive...

Three... two... one... DESTROY!

While the Green Team's combo is blown to bits, the Destroyers get to work on the Orange Team's combo. Including slashing tires. Dude.

Now to reassemble them in the team's images. Each team gets a team of builders to assist, and both machines will have to be land-water ready for a race to be held later on. The winner of that race wins $3000 and the right to send the final humiliating death blow to the other machine.

Good luck to both teams... Three... two... one... BUILD!

We start with the Gear Heads' creation. They're planning a three-wheeled machine with better steering, lighter weight, and better maneuverability. They're also planning on using barrels for buoyancy and sails for speed.

Over with the Sports Nuts, they're going to use plywood as their base for the hull. Wheels will enable it to traverse any land-based obstacle. They will also use barrels for buoyancy. Unlike the Gear Heads, though, they're going to use the jack from the trailer for better steering.

Work comes along just fine, but that can change in today's...


While you're filling your bucket with water, your opponents will be trying to knock you off your perch using heavy bags. First team to fill their barrels to overflowing wins.

Manning the buckets will be Graylyn for the Gear Heads and Celest for the Sports Nuts. Celest gets knocked out twice, while Graylyn makes her first pour. The Gear Heads are 60% full. Graylyn starts to tire, allowing the Sports Nuts to catch up. Who will get that final pour first? And.... it's the Gear Heads!

She gets to choose what mode of destruction will befall the creation of the Oranges...

- Forklift Flip: a 180 over on its backside.
- Water Cannon: 800 gallons per minute.

Graylyn chooses... the forklift... Three... two... one... DESTROY!

... that was it? There wasn't even any breakage. Sometimes that's how it goes. Okay, get back to building; you have a couple of hours left.

The Gear Heads find a seat cover for the sails. The Sports Nuts are just tuning it up right now, while the Gear Heads come to a conclusion about their AV... it's too heavy. Nothing we can do about it now, because TIME'S UP!

Let's see what we have.

Sports Nuts: SSP. Barrels will keep the car afloat, while their fifth wheel in the back will add traction to turn on land.
Gear Heads: The Gear Hog. It has a wider design for stability, but it adds a lot more weight. The chopper design adds maneuverability.

Before the race, Earl gets a little sick, so Celest takes over on the steer. Graylyn will steer for the Greens, but the wheel is not easy to steer.

Now for the race. It's a land and water race around the DBD Ranch's lagoon. We start on the land beside, then circle around Andrew's island, then head back through the lake. First team out of the lake, out of the boat, and across the line wins $3000 and the glory of deciding how to destroy the other team's vehicle!

Three... Two... one... GO!

And the Gear Heads are out to a STRONG lead when... something goes crunch. The wheel just snaps. This is the Sports Nuts' big opportunity. They pull ahead and don't let the Greens go ahead of them again. Sports Nuts WIN!

Teamwork wins the team $3000, but even more important... the Gear Hog is about to go away. Will they go with the bazooka or with the remote C4? The Sports Nuts choose... BAZOOKA!

And until next time... Sports Nuts, take it!

"Three... Two... One... DESTROY!"

For more information about this show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Destroy.