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Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Creator Dan Taberski
EP Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Rob Swartz
Jon Cooper
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch; Agua Dulce, CA
Airs 8:30p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Drama Club vs. Athletes: Dump Trucks of Doom!
July 11

Tonight on Destroy Build Destroy, we have a team that's all about no drama versus a team that specializes in all drama. It's Drama Club versus Athletes in a game we'd like to call "Dump Trucks of Doom!"

Let's meet the players!

Aaron (can pretty much fix anything)
Jason (dancer)
Patty (acting is her passion)
Kandyn (cheerleader)
Alec (footballer)
Morgan (all around athlete)

The teams are going to build dump trucks... with mobility, dump boxes, and a dumping mechanism... out of two minivans.

Each team will destroy the other's minivans, so there is strategy coming into play by making it harder for the other team to salvage wreckage. The first Destroy options...

- Wrecking ball... two tons dropped on your vehicle.
- Nitroglycerin... You are go for boom time.
- Destroy Build Destroy's angry house wreckers, the Destroyers.

The Drama Club goes with the wrecking ball, while the Athletes take nitro. Destroyers, take a seat.

Three... two... one... DESTROY!

The Green Team's van is blown to pieces, while the Orange Team's van pancakes.

Now to create. Remember, use your builders, use your wreckage. Winners get $1000 each and the right to inflict the ultimate damage on the losing vehicle's machine...

Good luck to both teams... Three... two... one... BUILD!

The Athletes want to have a design that's a little higher than your usual dump truck, about three feet higher. Kandyn, whose father owns a scrapyard, takes the lead.

The Drama Club will use a jack on a guide rail to dump their hail. Aaron says that he can build an engine from the ground up. Patty says that she doesn't know anything about building, so she'll let Aaron be the leader. Something Jason has an issue with.

Okay, before we continue, here comes Andrew and a ...


Each team will get 30 throws to hurl balls onto a skeeball like course. Most points wins.

Athletes: 490
Drama Club: 470

Athletes win. Now let's see what they can do with the Green Team's vehicle...

- Fork Lift-Off: the forklift takes the vehicle and makes it go away.
- Sand Dump: half a ton of sand on top

They go with the Fork Lift-Off... and the fork lift takes the dump truck away. They don't have the time for this... It takes the Green Team about 22 minutes to get their truck back to the buildsite. The Athletes use every minute to their advantage.

The Drama Club is having a problem with the jack, and Jason wonders if they'll even be able to use it.

*airhorn* And that's time. Let's see what the teams have built.

The Athletes have a dump truck with a raised box design, but is the box too small to win the dirt hauling competition?

The Drama Club have the Junk Runner, a lower-wider dump box with a faulty jack.

Now for the Final Challenge. Each team is given 15 minutes to haul as much dirt as they can to a weigh scale at the other end of the ranch. The team with the most dirt will tip the scales of victory in their favor, winning $3000 and the glory of deciding how to destroy the other team's vehicle!

Three... Two... one... GO!

And the athletes start by taking a little spill. Green Team has gotten their first load onto the race course. Orange team will try to put MORE dirt onto their scale. Meanwhile, Patty is having a problem getting her dump box back down, because the jack gets stuck. Aaron fixes this by... kicking it! Works every time.

Both teams have five minutes to make their second load. It's pretty even. There's time for maybe one more load. Two minutes to the final push. Time to use every bit of energy you have.

And... TIME! Weigh it!

And the winners... DRAMA CLUB! Great machine. It's worth $3000. Good news for them. Bad news for the athletes, because it's time for something to go boom.

But the question.. Will we detonate TNT electronically or with a long fuse? They go with... the fuse. Because they love drama. Ha.

As a reminder, DBD will now be on Wednesdays following "Brainrush". So until then... Drama Club... All you, baby.

"Three... Two... One... DESTROY!"

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