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Teams destroy objects... build things out of the wreckage... then fight for the right to destroy the competition!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Andrew WK
Dan Taberski
Scott Messick
Packager Mess Media and Idiot Box Productions for the Cartoon Network
Airs 8:30p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Math Club vs. Skaters: Air Cannon Assault
June 20

The premise of this show is all in the title... Destroy... Build... Destroy.

DESTROY: Take a common everyday object and blow it to smithereens.

BUILD: Take the remnants of the object and create something to be used in challenge play.

DESTROY: The winners will receive $1000 each and the right to take the opposing team's object and blow it to smithereens... again.

Today, the math club will take on a trio of skaters in an air-cannon assault...

Zach, Anthony & Chloe
Elijah, Ryan, Izabela

Today's challenge is called "Air Cannon Assault". Our players are going to create assault vehicles like they use in the military with wheels for stability and cannons for attacking, only these will be made from SUVs and will use air cannons shooting tennis balls.

Each team will destroy the other's SUV, so there is strategy coming into play by making it harder for the other team to salvage wreckage. The first Destroy options...

- TNT. Explosives.
- Off the cliff. Let gravity do the work.
- Destroy Build Destroy's house wreckers, the Destroyers.

The Math Club opt for the Destroyers, while the Skaters use TNT.

Three... two... one... DESTROY!

Now comes the build, in which each team will get one crew of Builders and all the tools they will need to construct their cannon-wielding chassis for use in the final challenge. They can use any of the SUV wreckage plus any odds and ends thrown in for additional assistance. The winners will receive $3000, $1000 for each team member, and the right to inflict that final humiliating destruction onto their opponents' vehicle.

Three... two... one... BUILD!

Chloe decides that their vehicle needs a platform, while the skaters decide on a chair and a turning axle for more diversity in aiming.

Remember, kids, these teams are supervised by highly trained professionals. Don't even think about trying this anywhere.

Anthony says that he has a few ideas, but Chloe just decides to take over. The skaters use their ramp-building skills on their vehicles...

... but that work could be all for nothing, because it's time for what we call...

The Setback Challenge: Wall-2-Wall-2-Wall-2-Wall Wreckage

Whoever wins the Setback Challenge will get to cause some major damage to their opponents' creations. In this Setback Challenge, there are four walls with four flags inside of them. The first team to plow through all four walls and retrieve all four flags wins. There are four options to help them: a hammer, a sledge hammer, a bowling ball, and sports gear.

Elijah wants the Green Team to take the bowling ball, while Zach decides the orange team should have a hammer.

Zach and Elijah are neck and neck, but while Zach leads on wall destruction, Elijah finds the four flags first. Skaters win...

... and to hurt the Green Team, we have...

- Dump Truck Dump: a dump truck will dump a lot of gravel on their vehicle.
- Industrial Fan: windstorm on their vehicle.

They decide on the gravel... Three... two... one... DESTROY!

Time to get back to work. The Math Geeks use most of their time digging out from under their gravel, while the skaters put the finishing touches on their machines. Digging out from under the gravel proves to be harder than it looks. But they get it done in time to start construction on their gunnery column.

Speaking of which, Izabela is going to man the turrets, so the skaters have to adjust everything to their height... after it's been built.

And that's time. Let's see what we have built...

SKATERS: The Monarch. The swiveling seat and ammo feeders will allow for maximum firing during the challenge.

MATH CLUB: The Elite. It's a push-cart variety, but the gunnery column will be stationary.

And now the final challenge. Each team will have 10 minutes to fire their columns at a field of targets, the easiest ones are worth 10, while the hardest at the top of the hill are worth 50. Whoever racks up the highest point total wins $3000 and the right to make the other team's creation... go away.

Chloe has a hard time aiming her cannon, allowing the Skaters to rack up 100 points early on. But once they get a hang of their guns, they tie it up with 100. Three minutes remaining, and the skaters are leading, 190-180.

With little over a minute remaining, the lead see-saws back and forth.

Final score....


That last second Hail Mary made the difference, as the Math Club wins $3000, $1000 each. More important, though... they get the right to dethrone the Monarch...

They decide to close out the show by showering the losing vehicle in a shower of mortar shells. And until next time... Math Club, take it...

Three... Two... One... DESTROY!

For more information about this show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Destroy.