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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

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Eviction Night: Becky vs. Jason
July 30
Last week, the one thing Vanessa did not want to be is HOH. And she ended up getting HOH anyway. With no backup plan for nominees Becky & Clay save for using Austin's feelings against him, she was left to watch Clay win Veto and use it on himself. Now with Jason in his place, is there anything he can do to save himself? That, and the twins enter the house as separate people...

It's now day 40 in the House. Vanessa decided to keep the Sixth Sense intact ultimately putting Jason on the block. And he wasn't the only one blindsided. Dark Moon was a big lie. And now Jackie's pissed. And Meg is crying. Lesson learned: you can't trust anyone in need of a plan.

But it means a lot more to Jason, because this is his dream, and his dream is about to turn into a nightmare. Was this the plan all the time? Was Dark Moon played? And why are Shelli & Clay not upset? Probably because they were behind EVERY EVICTION THIS SUMMER.

Meanwhile, Austin was given a second chance, and he's not about to waste it. Clay said that Austin was the plan as far as he knew. Not exactly what he tells Meg, but he ends up selling Shelli out to Meg. "If these people can create a fake alliance, the least they can do is tell me what's going on." So Meg is on the hunt for answers. Vanessa said that Shelli and Clay knew that she was in the line of fire. No one is admitting to anything. So everyone's lying. Which is good for her to know. So what really happened? It came down to who can I trust more? Liz backs up Vanessa's move, saying that Jason is smarter than he looks.
Shelli doesn't want Jason to go... Shelli doesn't want to see anyone go. Yeah, you want to see everyone who isn't you. So Shelli was on board with this, and that's shady as hell.

Clay lied to Meg. Shelli lied to Jackie. And they're over being mad. James promises that Jason's got his vote. Enter the water works... and the giggling. Pull yourselves together. "We're so stupid." That's the first intelligent thing I've heard from this lot all summer.

Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay are starting to put the pieces together, and everyone is going to start coming after THEM.

Jason knows who stabbed him in the back, but can he use this information to his advantage? (of course not, because, like Meg says, "we're so stupid"). He needs two votes to stick around, two to flip. All they need to do is scare Shelli & Clay enough.

Meanwhile, let's break up the monotony by talking about Dr. McGuire a bit, because... let's face it. Not having him on the block... is weird.

ROUND 5 #LiveEviction

As a reminder, Vanessa as HOH is ineligible to vote, as are nominees Becky & Jason. There are nine eligible players, therefore the vote to evict is five.

Austin: JASON
James: BECKY
Steve: "With respect, get to steppin'. JASON."
Jackie: "I sadly vote to evict JASON."
Shelli: JASON (lock)
Johnny Mack: JASON. "Sorry, buddy."

There's the vote. By a vote of 7-2, Jason is going back to his basement.

That was the fifth Eviction, so what this means....

First of all, Julia is joining Liz in the House as a player in her own right, bringing the total houseguest number to 17 (with 12 left in the house). What this ALSO means is that the game is now RESET, meaning that there will be only ONE HOH, TWO nominees, and ZERO BB Takeovers, because Big Brother abandoned that three weeks ago for some reason.

ROUND 6 #HOH: Over the Edge

The houseguests will stand on a leaning perch for as long as possible. Last one standing wins HOH. See how it plays out NEXT TIME.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to or download the CBS app.