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Big Brother
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

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Johnny from the Block
July 19
Last week, the Sixth Sense (especially Austin) worked on protecting the twins... and they succeed with the elimination of Jeff. Now two of them - Shelli & Liz - are in the HOH Room. Who will they target next?

It's Day 29 in the house, and Liz has to survive another two weeks. For the moment, she's good for this week. Meanwhile, Audrey is boasting of the biggest comeback of her life, and Jackie is not feeling the love on any side of the house.

Spoiler Alert: Liz & Julia switch again tomorrow. So Austin... get it in where you can fit it in... preferably in between trying to figure out who flipped their vote (hint: Audrey... just kidding, it was Liz). Or was it Steve, who - despite anything he said - did not willfully take a dive in the HOH.

Jason's afraid of being the nominee or, even worse, a backdoor victim this week. He's even more concentrated on the Twin Twist. Shelli, on the other hand, is concentrated on Clay and who he thinks flipped the vote.

"WHO WANTS TO SEE OUR HOH ROOM!" Answer: anyone who wants to try and out Liz and her sister. The family sent in a picture... that didn't have the #9 crown in, because the #9 hadn't come in yet. Well played, Nolans. Meanwhile, Johnny Mack is thinking that her letter is lacking heartfelt connection to ONE person. Hmmm...


Meanwhile, the 6S again have to protect Liz in order to get her to next week. But who would have it out for her? Jason? Meg? James? Jackie? Audrey? Only in a backdoor situation.

Jackie's put her game on hold, but now that Jeff is out of the picture, she is free to move about the houseguests. Austin doesn't see where anyone would go after Audrey. If he can get inside her head, he has a new working relationship. If Shelli can do the same thing... that would yield the same result, i.e. using what we know against anyone who would be seen as a threat. Much like she's using things against Austin... which Shelli is buying and reselling to Vanessa. Shelli would like to stay in charge to make sure things run smoothly. Whatever the plan, the road with the least amount of blood on it runs through... Johnny Mack. We've been round this block so many times we know the only parking spot that's free. "If you hate asking me so much, just.. don't ask me!" Bottom line: we need Jason to go home, and we need Johnny Mack's. Well, you know what they say, if you don't make a solid plan for yourself, get ready to be a part of someone else's.

Audrey says that Jason needs to go home for throwing Shelli's name out. Of course that's just a part of her plan to throw him out of the house.

ROUND 4 #Nominations

LIZ NOMINATES: James and Jackie
SHELLI NOMINATES: Jason and... shocker. Johnny Mack.

In a shock that comes to absolutely nobody, John is a bit angry about being in that position. Again. For the fourth time. Jason, on the other hand, says that he has been lied on. James is starting to be in the same boat as John as far as nominations go.

Jackie blames herself for not talking game. But she is safe, says Liz. She's looking... at somebody. Can't really say who right now, but Jackie is not the droid Liz is looking for. But looking back... Liz would not be sad if she went home next.

Jason, meanwhile, wants to know who lied on him... "I heard it from Audrey." There you go. "I am seriously all alone in a house full of serpents." Shelli doesn't know how much longer she can continue to protect Audrey.

"LIZ, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM." Hey, we haven't heard Big Brother's voice in a long time. Time to stop playing with Austin and tell Julia everything.

Jason is wondering who is the plan this week, and wondering who's lying to whom about him. Audrey doesn't remember hearing anything about Jason's nomination. And yet, Shelli's on edge with her still in the house. But she says that she'll still defend her until she gives her a reason not to.

ROUND 4 #BattleOfTheBlock: Grunge Mob

Each pair has an "Alice" tied up in chains. You'll "stage dive" into the Mudhoney and free your Alice by looking for keys in one of four grunge zones - the Pearl Jam, the Soundgarden, the Screaming Trees, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Teams can only search in one zone at a time. First team to unlock their Alice in Chains and take her to Nirvana wins the Battle of the Block and dethrones the HOH that nominated them. But beware, because the losing HOH & the losing team must endure a punishment all week long.

WINNERS: James & Jackie. Which means that Shelli is still HOH, John and Jason are still on the block, and John, Jason and Liz must endure a most embarrassing punishment all week long. They must form a new boy band called the Whackstreet Boys. Any time your pager goes off, you must find your group and get ready to perform.

Their premiere performance... on Wednesday.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to or download the CBS app.