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Big Brother
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
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9p ET Thurs

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What Happens with the Two Girls from Vegas Stays with the Two Girls from Vegas
July 26
It seems that ever since the season began, one Dr. John McGuire has been put up as a pawn in someone else's plan. It's worked well so far, getting out the first four - Jace, Da'Vonne, Jeff, and now Audrey. With a relative calm in the house and Jackie & Vanessa now in power, the Sixth Sense must figure out who to target next.

Now that Jackie has gone from under the radar - and under the weather - to HOH, Vanessa's wondering if the Sixth Sense alliance will be targeted. Vanessa KNEW she had to win that one for her team.

Meanwhile, Austin, James, and John finally figure out... why in the heck are we working other people's plans when we could work our own? James has a sinking feeling that a guy is going home. Austin needs to protect Liz (or Julia), so that both of the twins can come into the House. He's going to pin all his hopes on Jason, who's been in on the Twins from day 1. Speaking of, time to switch again. Julia out, Liz in. Meanwhile, flash back to a day or so before eviction, when Austin told Jason about the Twins, which he's known from the start. They're totally different, but Austin has a thing for Liz, while working with both of them.

... bad idea jeans, Austin. Now Jason has more ammo for the house. Why, Austin. Continuing with the flashback, Shelli & Clay wonder... how dumb is Austin right now? Liz & Julia are wombmates for crying out tears. He's throwing Julia under the bus to save Liz. Does the alliance commit to Austin, or do we blow it up on him? We're gonna have to pray on this.

... and we're back in. It's Day 36, and Vanessa and Jackie are trying to find some common ground. Jackie brings up putting Liz on the block along with Steve. Vanessa says that she just took hers. But she's cool with Liz, Steve or Austin going home. Translation... she's okay with Austin or Steve going home. Vegas girls got to look out for each other, after all...

HOH ROOM TIME! Vanessa thinks that backdooring her friend Austin is a game changer. She has to be certain that he is the Judas that everyone thinks he is. Turns out that was an easy sell. He just sold Julia out to Vanessa. "There it is... Austin just lied to me. Why did Austin have to lie to me? WHY?" Meanwhile, James is hung up on how hot Vanessa's mom is.

Julia is freaking out that Jackie is going to put her (and by extension, Liz) up, but Vanessa reassures that she will fight. Meanwhile, Vanessa wants to know how Liz feels about Austin. "I don't think (she likes him)." Then Vanessa tells her of all of what Jason told her. Needless to say, Julia's pissed. As a twin myself, I totally understand.

Shelli & Clay get the lowdown about Vanessa. Clelli has been loyal to her, but Liztin hasn't. Jackie wants to put Liz up, but she also wants to find someone to throw the BOB. We need to find competitors who are strong. Clay nominates himself to be on the block, but he needs Becky to play along. She... doesn't want to play the pawn. But after a bit of convincing, Vanessa has all the players she needs, save for one, someone to go up next to Liz. How about Jason, who says that he would never throw anything? Or James? The best part of the new-formed Dark Moon alliance of Vanessa, Jackie, Shelli, Clay, Jason, and James? Vanessa throws the BOB, Jackie's HOH, and all of the blood is on HER hands, not Vanessa. DAMN, VANESSA. She's TOO good at this. She tells Austin of this idea, along with a story of why Clay has to go on the block. Austin... is actually buying all of it.

ROUND 5 #Nominations

Jackie nominates: JAMES and "LIZ"
Vanessa nominates: CLAY and BECKY

... no Johnny Mack? Seriously?! Anyway, the stakes are particularly high for Julia, who needs to survive one more week to bring Liz into the house full time. Luckily for her, she's not the target.

"LIZ, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM." Big Brother wants another switch. Julia tells Liz that Austin REALLY likes her. Use that.

And remember, Clay & Becky are looking to fight in the Battle of the Block to dethrone Vanessa. If they don't win, she remains HOH... and things get hairy.

ROUND 5 #BattleOfTheBlock: Splashy Headlines

Why are LAST season's houseguests on the memory wall? We'll find out in a moment, but first, let's go to the Brainvision News Desk...

Three BB Houseguests from last season were seen eating at an Outback Steakhouse ($PLUG$) It's up to you to reveal which three by tossing paint in the newsroom and looking for invisible letters. If you think you have the headline correct, hit your button.

IN ADDITION to safety, the winning pair & HOH will win a reward.

There's an S clear as day, Clay & Becky.

WINNERS: JAMES & LIZ. Meaning ... many things.

1) Becky and Clay are your official nominees.
2) Vanessa is your official HOH.
3) James, Liz & Vanessa are going to eat a private Outback Steakhouse dinner!
4) Liz is safe, meaning on Thursday, Julia WILL enter the house as a contestant.
5) Jackie gets painted.

So worst case scenario. How do the Dark Moon play this? We'll see on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Clay is in danger of learning one of the unwritten rules of the game: DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO FALL ON THE SWORD.

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