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Big Brother
Season 17
CBS 8p ET Sun Wed
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
Host Julie Chen
Announcer Clayton WS Halsey
Creator John de Mol
EP Allison Grodner
Rich Meehan
Packager Endemol Shine North America
Fly on the Wall Entertainment
Origins The Radford Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p ET Wed & Sun, CBS
9p ET Thurs

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Poker Face
July 12
Last time, Da'Vonne tried to turn the house on each other, but ended up getting turned out herself. Meanwhile, Austin and Vanessa are now co-HOHs, but at the end of the night, someone's going to end up being short stacked. And what, if anything, will happen to Liz & her sister Julia now that the Twin Twist has become the biggest open secret in the game?

Audrey wonders if there is some bad blood between Vanessa, who is playing with Austin, her closest ally. She promises to protect Liz/Julia as long as she can, and get other people on board. Julia's just happy to open up to someone else. Vanessa tries to shore up the numbers to help her out. Shelli & Clay are immediately brought into the fold. A propos of nothing... Shelli & Julia are Zetas. Yep. They're sorority sisters. Vanessa, on the other hand, gets up with Austin.... as much as she can given the circumstances. "I'm an idiot." Yeah.

So to review: a possible sixer alliance of Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Liz & Julia is in the works.

It's now Day 22 in the house. Still? Anyway we're waiting to see Vanessa and her girlfriend, and Meg and Jason are saying, no more Mr. & Mrs. Pawn. Jeff is trying to maybe execute a plan to eliminate Audrey once and for all. It's either Jeff or James, and neither of them know what to think right now about Vanessa, who wants to get James, Jeff, or Jason out. If Audrey walks, guess who's next... Austin. But Jeff is a huge threat socially, and Vanessa just doesn't like James. Austin has a lot of relationships, so if there's to be a big backdoor plot, Austin's got to step down, because Vanessa has little to no relationships with any of her targets.

"Who wants to see our HOH Room?!" You mean we get to see Vanessa's girlfriend? Okay! Fun fact: Austin... is a Clay Aiken fan. Aren't we all?

Okay, time to switch, meaning that it's time for Julia to let Liz know that Shelli, Clay, Austin & Vanessa know about the twist... and they're cool with it. Also, Liz needs to lose weight and Julia needs to gain weight. And stay away from Jason, James & Jeff. The alliance will let you know the rest. Now all they have to do is keep the secret. And they've named their group The Sixth Sense. Now it's official. Betray the alliance, and there will be blood.

Next, how to use a hammock... with Jeff and James.

Meanwhile, Jeff, John, Jackie, and James discuss crowns... namely, Liz & Julia's dental work. They decide to take a look for themselves. John... well... I have no idea what in God's name you're doing, bro. Liz, on the other hand, calls Jeff and John out for being "McShadesters". Jeff talks to Austin about his suspicions. Austin's only seeing this as making him a bigger target in his head. Austin comes with a plan to backdoor James & Jeff. Time to look for people to throw the Battle of the Block.

ROUND 3 #Nominations

AUSTIN nominates: MEG and JASON
VANESSA nominates: JAMES and JOHN

Needless to say, people are pissed, and Audrey's hoping not to be backdoored.

Austin tries to calm the waters by convincing Meg & Jason that the ultimate end game is Audrey. But putting up the two girliest vs. James and John... sounds kinda sketch. Jason doesn't trust it. Meanwhile, Johnny Mac is trying to pull out another win to save himself for the week.... by losing. It'll make sense when you see the Battle of the Block. Speaking of...

ROUND 4 #BOB: Gronk's A-Maze-ing Foam Party

Everyone's losing their minds... and their belongings. Find the partygoer with a matching set, and lead them out of the foam and into the VIP. First to 10 wins the Battle of the Block. But hidden in the foam is a maze.

To date, this is the first time Big Brother has let in outsiders to play a competition.

For the second BOB in a row, Johnny Mack is throwing a competition... and it's totally not his fault. And yet he's in the lead, because Meg and Jason are... well, hopeless. This entire competition is taking the whole of the final act to finish. No. Seriously. It's like 24 minute party people up in here.

WINNERS: MEG & JASON. Seems like this challenge was built for them, a hipster and a gay boy. Their words. Not mine. So VANESSA remains HOH, and John & James are on the block. That may change in the POV next time.

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