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Big Brother
Season 17
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
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Announcer Clayton WS Halsey
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Rich Meehan
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9p ET Thurs

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High Maintenance
July 8
Since we last left you, it was a case of Ginger Fever as Audrey's hard-and-fast game play turned the house against her. She ends up being the target of Becky's backdoor plot a la Jace from last week. But there could be trouble brewing for Da'Vonne as well, as Shelli would rather she her go home.... which could become a reality since John decided to throw the Battle of the Block.

Again... we've said that Da' was a poker player. We didn't say she was a GOOD one.

It's now Day 16 in the house. John held up his end of the deal - which wasn't hard - now it's time to see if Shelli will hold up HER end. Now Becky takes her stuff out of the HOH room and Shelli gets to do "her dirty work"... which means that Da' is going home this week. Sorry, Shelli.

Speaking of which, Da'vonne is SURE John threw the BOB. It wasn't hard. Again, we've said that Da' was a poker player. We didn't say she was a good one. But John thinks it's weird that Shelli and Clay were going gung ho about the loss. Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay enjoy the perks of being HOH. Which we can't show on TV, so...

Jason's worried about Da'Vonne on the block, unless Da' decides to backdoor Johnny Mack by saving herself. Audrey, on the other hand, hears nothing, so she's eavesdropping. And her name comes up. "I could be the sacrificial lamb this week."

That night, Liz & Julia switch again, Julia out, Liz in... to do the dishes.

"It's time to pick players for the Veto Competition!"

HOH SHELLI picks: Houseguest's Choice! She picks CLAY.
JOHN picks: MEG
DA'VONNE picks: "I picked damn Steve."

And here's your host... JACKIE!

Clay tells Audrey that she is getting a second shot... as Da' is the target. "Sure, Clay. Whatever it takes, Thunderbuns." Meanwhile, Da' is convinced that she's the target, and rather than do something about it, she's going around grousing. Because that always gets something done.

ROUND 2 #PowerOfVeto: High Maintenance

Houseguests will compete head-to-head. Our BB Takeover Kathy Griffin will demand that each Houseguest, now her assistant, bring several items from the set to her. The problem is... one item is missing. You'll have to get it from the dressing room. Whoever brings that item the fastest is safe. Last one standing wins the Power of Veto.

ROUND 1: John vs. Da'Vonne - Unicycle - John wins.
ROUND 2: Steve vs. Clay - Rubber duckie - Clay wins.
ROUND 3: Meg vs. Shelli - Sombrero - Shelli... wrong. Meg wins. Despite all her efforts of throwing it.
ROUND 4: John vs. Meg - Corn starch - John wins.
FINAL ROUND: John vs. Clay - Giraffe - JOHN WINS THE VETO!

Now Shelli will have to find another pawn to backdoor Da'Vonne.

Shelli & Clay talk options. Who is almost guaranteed to have a) total trust and b) zero votes against them? Everyone thinks that Audrey is the target this week. Shelli needs to make sure that Becky is on board with her game today. If Audrey was in for another week, it's another week of manipulation. Same with Da'. We have ourselves a Kobayashi Maru in the house right now. Becky is on the board in the meanwhile.

We haven't heard much from Vanessa all episode, and it's like 60 percent done. And she's in zero danger, and neither are any of her friends. I bring this up because Vanessa wants to know where Shelli's head is, AND because CBS has to fill some time in somehow. So what's John going to do with the Veto? Shelli doesn't want him to use the Veto, and she can guarantee the votes to evict Da'. "If you're not comfortable, just... say no. But it's up to you." I'm reminded of an old song...

So who should go up? "I don't care. They'll ALL stay."

Hey, we haven't talked to Austin today yet. He talks to Shelli... who wants to talk to Liz... about a replacement nominee. She may be a safe bet, as she's not aligned with anyone. She agrees to "take one for the team" on the condition of silence.

Liz goes and tells Becky the first chance she gets. So now Austin has to try to curry someone ELSE'S favor. Becky says to keep it super quiet.

Speaking of quiet... it's another night in the neverending snugglefest of Big Brother. Austin wants to try and "plant a seed" to get Meg on the block instead of Liz. He decides to get Vanessa on board by talking about flipping on Shelli & Clay, which we know is total BS. But it doesn't stop Vanessa from talking to Shelli about it. Austin is wondering if the seven people downstairs are plotting with Da'. So he suggests that Meg go up.

Audrey doesn't want to go home. Clay says she's safe, but that doesn't mean he trusts her. "It sounds like you're being condescending a little bit." Then Clay lets it slip that the whole house wants her out and that Clay is trying to protect her from that.

ROUND 2 #VetoCeremony

As a reminder, John has the opportunity to use the Power of Veto to save himself or keep the nominations safe. Either way, he's been promised security. The ball is now in Shelli's court...

... officially. "I have decided to use the Power of Veto to save myself."

Shelli chooses as a replacement... MEG. They'll have to make their case next time.

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