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Big Brother
Season 17
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
Host Julie Chen
Announcer Clayton WS Halsey
Creator John de Mol
EP Allison Grodner
Rich Meehan
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Airs 8p ET Wed & Sun, CBS
9p ET Thurs

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Don't Be Tardy for the Party
July 15
Vanessa and Austin. Allies. Friends. Co-Heads of Household. That is until the Battle of the Block sent Austin back into the fold and James & John on the hot seat. But that could change tonight with the Power of Veto in play.

It's Day 25, and so far, everyone thinks Audrey is the target, while Vanessa has other plans. Apparently they involve John throwing the BOB when he really didn't have to. James DOES have a plan to backdoor Audrey. What it is, we don't know, because he's not sure of himself until Audrey is on the block. Vanessa, wanting to keep as little blood on her hands as possible, sees James as the biggest target and the object of her power this week.

Julia and Liz switch again, ninth time.... And apparently they can't see eye to eye on being the same person. Oh yeah, and watch your teeth. Important.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is hoping Audrey gets picked for POV, because that would give her a chance to play AND be safe for the week. In any event, she has nothing to worry about this week.

Austin and Jeff are hoping that Johnny Mac picks them for the POV. He's talking about the bros ganging up on Shelli... and then there's "Liz's" behind looks a little fatter.

"It's time to pick players for the Veto Competition!"

JOHN picks: HOUSEGUEST'S CHOICE! He goes with Austin.

You can't make this $#*! up!

And here's your host... BECKY!

Audrey needs to be a little bit more careful about going to the HOH room, especially given that the Sixth Sense is trying to throw it to Audrey. They want her to not use the Veto if she wins it.

ROUND 3 #PowerOfVeto: Gronk & Roll

The players are going head to head in a casino-themed shootout match. Get inside your giant dice and, when Becky spins the wheel, try to get back on the platform with the correct number showing. First player to do so stays in the game. We continue to play until one remains.

- Vanessa vs. Audrey: 2 (winner: Audrey... because Vanessa threw it)
- John vs. Audrey: 3 (winner: John. One job, Audrey. You had one job)
- James vs. Austin: 1 (winner: Austin)
- Shelli vs. Austin: 4 (winner: Austin)
- Austin vs. John: 1 (winner: by one move... JOHNNY MAC!)

What to do now. What to do now. I know! Argue with Vanessa, who thinks that you tried to throw the challenge! If she thinks you're throwing the contest, then that might throw their relationship into question.

Back to the BB Takeover, courtesy of Rob Gronkowski. Any time he appears to call you to a party, you have to go there and do what he says. If you don't, that's a party foul, and that will make you a Have-Not this week, so show up or show out. PARTY TIME!

Toga Party in the living room! Pool party! Shower party!

(C-Note: Big ups to Wink Martindale for posting that clip on his YouTube. Go and check it out!)

... don't think that's what Gronk had in mind. Anyway, the parties continue ... literally non-stop. Everyone's partied out.

So Jeff now wants to see where Vanessa and Jason are at. She wants to do the right thing and make everyone happy. She also doesn't want to do people wrong. So will she send someone home who's caused drama... or will she "do the right thing"? She really wants James gone, and everyone in her alliance needs to play dumb with Jeff. Jason notes that Austin's eyes are like the cat that ate the canary. So he's suspecting an alliance in play. Jeff thinks that Austin has to go. He can't be trusted. Clay... again, has to play durr. Clay talks to Austin, who gets the ammo that Vanessa needs to put him out. Let's call him out. Now we have the perfect lineup. Audrey stays, Jeff gets called out. Everyone happy. Except for Vanessa... who apparently now knows where she stands with Austin.


Gronk is back with one more twist, and no one has to party for it. Not today, anyway. The twist... anyone who's won a competition will get to take a friend aboard GRONK'S PARTY SHIP for 3 days in February as we travel from Miami to the Bahamas. So to remind you, we have Vanessa, Austin, Meg, Jason, and John. Who has the lucky party chip? It is... MEG!

But this party's about to come to a screeching halt.

ROUND 3 #VetoMeeting

John, of course, uses the Power of Veto to save... wait, we got a party! Yay, party.

Anyway, where were we. Oh yeah, John uses the Power of Veto to save himself. So Vanessa now has to nominate a replacement nominee. And she does so... by calling out JEFF for taking a swing at her integrity, crossing that line.

So Thursday night, JEFF or JAMES will get the boot. Stay tuned.

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