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Big Brother
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

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What Happens with the Two Girls from Vegas Stays with the Two Girls from Vegas
July 29
Last week on Big Brother, Austin told Jason about the twins, inciting the ire of current HOH Vanessa & her ally Shelli. Now that the Sixth Sense is blown into bits, now Austin and Liz are in the crosshairs... but the plan to backdoor Austin hit a potential roadblock as Jackie's nominations were hapless in throwing the Battle of the Block. Now Clay and Becky are on the block, and Vanessa's only hope is the Power of Veto... and even that is a bit of a stretch.

The last thing Vanessa wanted to be is HOH, especially to backdoor Austin. She didn't want to have more blood on her hand. Shelli's convinced that the plan is going to work. Now she has to tell Liz about it to make certain. James, a key player in the plan, does damage control on how Liz was competing smart and hard... Johnny Mac tells Clay not to lose it over the Veto just yet.

Meanwhile Liz is wondering why James wasn't happy after winning BOB. Probably because he threw it. Austin is wondering if they were targeting Liz all along. Which would be the smart play. But again, everyone's stupid here. He tells Vanessa, who had stopped working with him a long time ago, of Liz's feelings. .... "Judas." My thoughts exactly, Vanessa.

Speaking of, Liz loves her some Austin... but she's not IN love WITH him. Which has the possibility of being veeeeeeery awkward. Let's go to the Veto draft.

VANESSA picks: Houseguest Choice! She chooses SHELLI.
BECKY picks: LIZ

Jackie, Becky, Vanessa, and Shelli meet in the HOH Room. Vanessa is not trying to do her dirty. So will she tell Liz of the plan or wait until after POV?

Meanwhile, Steve is still getting used to Big Brother ALWAYS WATCHING.

ROUND 5 #PowerOfVeto: Get Nutty

Our six squirrels are going to store 250 nuts to win POV by rolling your acorn up and down a ramp and catching it on the other side. If an acorn rolls off the ramp, your score resets to zero. The first to 250 wins the Power of Veto. And also, three wrong and you're gone.

WINNER: ... the athlete who didn't drop his nuts once this whole competition, CLAY.

... Nuts...

... Balls...

Meanwhile, Vanessa is FINALLY ready to tell Liz of the plan to backdoor Austin. And she tells her EVERYTHING. "You guys! I don't even like him!" Even though she doesn't think it was malicious. To show that Vanessa is not malicious either, she gives Austin a chance to explain himself. "Why would you sell her sister out to Jason?" He thought it an insurance move. He thought he could trust Jason. Vanessa is hurt. Austin admits that he messed up and he was scared... and that he would NEVER do anything to hurt Vanessa. Now Austin's got to figure out a way out of his sticky wicket.

Austin comes clean to Clay and Shelli, saying that he will NOT go up against them. Shelli says it's not in her best interest to see him go home.

Vanessa, Liz, and James are about to have their Outback dinner with Becky, Austin, and Clay. Thought Meg really wanted to put out. Buy steak... and a Bloomin' Onion. And maybe kiss your "girl", Austin. Though she's really not your girl.

Shelli thinks there are two options... Backdoor Austin and lose a number, or look for the smarter target. They're thinking that Jason is the mastermind behind all of the drama over the last couple of weeks.

ROUND 5 #VetoMeeting

Suffice it to say, Clay is using the Veto to save himself. Now Austin is left to hope that Vanessa is hoping to grant his prayer of judgment withheld.

Vanessa chooses as a replacement nominee... a great person... a great heart... JASON. So tomorrow night, either him or Becky will walk out the front door. And with that look of defeat, it's not looking good for Jason. And Jackie is not exactly happy about that pick either.

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