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Big Brother
Season 17
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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

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The Whackstreet Boys
July 22
Last week, Shelli & Liz became HOHs, keeping all the power within the Sixth Sense. Seemed like Jason was next on the block, but Shelli told Jason that Audrey is the force behind that nomination. Maybe it's time for a new target. After the BOB, Jason, John, and Liz are forced into a weeklong punishment in addition to staying on the block.

After the BOB, it's time to take a shower. Meanwhile Jason has to win the Veto or else he's going home broke. And back in the basement. As for John, it's just another case of #FightWinLive. Audrey's pissed as Shelli threw her under the bus to Liz. Why she's telling James is anyone's guess, but he's going to Clay and Shelli about it. James decides to add more fuel to the fire by telling that Audrey has been talking junk about the two all week... and now she's upset that she got thrown under the bus... after she threw Jason under the bus. A veritable transit station we got going here. Back in the HOH room, Clay tells Shelli that Audrey's so dirty that she might be at fault for game play being blown up.

"LIZ... JASON... JOHN... PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM." Showtime for the Whackstreet Boys! I'll... uh... save you the torture and go straight to the Veto Pick'ems.

JOHN picks: MEG
JASON picks: Houseguest's Choice! He picks JAMES.

And your host... STEVE MOSES!

Back in the HOH room, it's pretty much unanimous that if Audrey was put up as a replacement nominee, she'd be gone. Because... well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shelli did not want to be in this position, because
she was the only one who was there for her when the rest of the world wasn't. This is causing Shelli to break down, because she protected her while she was HOH before. Now it's coming back to blow up in her face. Clay says if she felt like she couldn't do it, then don't. Clay then promises to put her up next week should it come to that.

Then sexy time.

ROUND 4 #PowerOfVeto: Saved By the Smell

Welcome to BB-Side High. Time out.

In chemistry class, you'll be shown a sequence of test tubes to pour in your flask. If you pour the correct chemical, you'll move on to the next round. If not, it'll blow up in your face. Literally. The last Houseguest remaining wins the Power of Veto.

1) Pour the third chemical shown. ALL CLEAR.
2) Pour the solid chemical that was not shown. Eliminated: James.
3) Pour the chemical immediately after the blue chemical. Shelli throws it to Vanessa.
4) Pour the first striped chemical shown. Smell ya later, Meg.
5) Pour the middle chemical of the sequence. WINNER: VANESSA

Another performance by the Whackstreet Boys? Okay.

Audrey does "her little Audrey thing". Clay tells her that she drives people away with her constant paranoia. Audrey denies ever making Clay or Shelli swear that they were not going to put her up as a replacement nominee. Aaaaaaaaaaand roll the clip. That escalates into a big throwdown. "I almost blew my (poop) with Audrey." And speaking of... here she comes to wreck the day. Shelli says that Audrey doesn't trust her. And that offends her, since people are not putting themselves in her shoes. And that offends Shelli for her doing exactly that. Then Clay blows his (poop).

ROUND 4 #VetoMeeting

Audrey retreats to the Have Not room, but the meeting continues. Jason says that this game is his dream. John says that his favorite kind of vetoes are the ones that are used on him.

Vanessa uses the Power of Veto to save JASON. In response, Shelli decides to nominate AUDREY to fight against JOHN. Right now, the best move for Johnny Mac is to do nothing but concentrate on the band. We're assured one more performance
tomorrow night. Because Big Brother is twisted like that.

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