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Big Brother
Season 17
CBS 8p ET Sun Wed
9p ET Thurs

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With HD microphones & cameras documenting your every move for a national audience, this season's "Big Brother" is bigger than ever... Literally.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
Host Julie Chen
Announcer Clayton WS Halsey
Creator John de Mol
EP Allison Grodner
Rich Meehan
Packager Endemol USA
Fly on the Wall Entertainment
Origins The Radford Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p ET Wed & Sun, CBS
9p ET Thurs

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The Greater Fool
July 5
The plan was in motion. The flow of events was foolproof. Then Audrey happened. Now several questions remain. Will this come back to bite her once nominations are out? Will Austin fight for revenge now that Jace is out of the house? Who will HOHs Shelli & Becky gun for? And who will have the Last Laugh courtesy of this week's BB Takeover? You have questions. That's... understandable.

We begin after the events of Thursday night, Day 15 inside the house. And no one is more excited about Shelli being HOH than her boytoy Clay. No one could care less than Da'Vonne. Meanwhile, we have a quick review of Audrey's gameplay. Or absence thereof. Trying to pin Vanessa as a mastermind of an all-girl alliance. I'm sorry, WHAT all-girl alliance? The only all-girl alliance we know of is FUBARed six ways from Sunday, and that's all your fault, Audrey. And all of that comes out in a house meeting called by Da'. So... yeah.

"This could have been much worse." REALLY....

We're just finishing up the first break of the Sunday sh... "WHO WANTS TO SEE OUR HOH ROOM?!" I'm getting there! Anyway, the answer: everyone. But Da'Vonne. See, there's poker-face, and then there's the worst case of RBF in history. I'll say it again, we know that Da'Vonne is a poker player. We never said she was a GOOD one.

So where do Becky and Shelli stand with each other? Same thing with Jace: four pawns and a backdoor for AUDREY. Already they decide on one: Steve. What'd'd Steve ever do to y'all? Seriously? Becky tells the house of the plan... well, she dances about it without saying as much.

Side note: I want Steve gone personally. Why? His hat. It's a Dook Blue Devil hat.

Clay meanwhile suggests a new target to Jeff and Meg: Da'Vonne. Audrey..."repents" for all she's done and suggests going for the one who started all this fracas. Jeff... yeah, he doesn't buy it. Shelli thinks Audrey being a target is too easy. Clay says if you go after Da'Vonne, we at least know where her head is at IF she wins next week. Shelli's VERY hesitant to try and oust Da'Vonne this early. Shelli says she needs to put up a pawn next to Da'Vonne in order to throw the Battle of the Block. She DOES know how the BOB works, doesn't she? If HER noms lose, then it's HER head back in the pool. I can't even right now. I need a commercial break.

(approximately 2 minutes 10 seconds later)

And coming back, Becky was hit by a train last year. In the face. She was out of work for 8 weeks, but as you can see, full recovery. Elsewhere, Steve is staying up with Liz. Or is he staying up with Julia? Remember, she's the Twin Twist. The next day...

ROUND 2 #Nominations

SHELLI nominates: John & Da'Vonne
BECKY nominates: Jason & Steve

Something else I've noticed. Even though BB has had the double-decker house logo for the last two years, the keys still have the house logo from seasons 2 through 15. Also noticed, Steve's hat is NOT a Duke hat. So... I guess we're cool. For now.

"How the hell did Audrey not get on the block?" That from James to Jason & Da'Vonne. They're basically calling foul on the very plan that they concocted to get Jace out of the block. Am I the only one who notices this? Becky says that she's cheering on Jason & Steve to win the BOB later. Hold on, freeze frame. If John throws BOB and Jason & Steve win... Becky goes back into the pool, and Shelli remains... OH NOW I GET IT.

Audrey has a question: is there a plan B if Steve & Jason throw the BOB? Nobody thought of that... because that's not an option. Speaking of which, John is debating whether or not to follow through on the plan, calling it "the worst dental injection of all time." I've been through one of those. It's not fun. And I have a feeling that after this competition, we're going to be subject to said injection. It's not going to be fun. It's going to be a b-star-star-star-h.

ROUND 2 #BattleOfTheBlock: Give Me Props

Today, you'll be camera operators for "Ginger Fever". A shot list will appear on the screen. You will have to match your shots to the shot list. You'll have to use your cameras to find the props on the set, but you don't know which cameras are wired to which screen. First team to match all nine shots to all nine props are safe for this week and will dethrone the HOH that nominated them.

By the way, you'll be in a uniform. Emphasis on the "uni". You'll be two people acting as one.

From the looks of things, John may not need to throw this challenge, because Jason & Steve are killing it. And Da'Vonne has zero problem shooting herself in the foot.

WINNER: JASON & STEVE. That dethrones Becky, and Shelli is now sole HOH. And now that that is over and done with, Jason's plot is to save Da'Vonne. The one X factor that Shelli did not think through, which happens to be the one X factor
that Becky did not think through. So we have competing plans. The X factor in both of them? The Power of Veto? See you Wednesday.

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