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No Respect
Travis Eberle

Sometimes when I watch The Price is Right, I hope that both of the showcase participants will lose. Whether it was idiocy in playing their assigned pricing game, showboating in the big wheel segment, or wearing a "Bob Roolz!" t-shirt, there are just some times that I want no one to win. Sometimes I get my wish, and there's a Double Overbid, or the clod that plays Plinko will end up with $600. Most of the time, I'm not so lucky.

The current iteration of "The Amazing Race" has become a trial to watch. I plod through because I do recaps for a message board, but if I weren't doing that, you can bet I'd be doing something else with my time. It's gotten to the point where I would like to see several of the families fall over the face of the earth. I still have two families that I'd like to see win, but it should be that I would want to see any team win.

Flash back to last month: When the Paolos checked in at the houseboat, and were last, the neighbors started to knock on my door, because they wanted to know why the hell there was so much noise coming from my room. Never again will I have to see all of their carrying on. Whether it's one of the sons calling out his mom for whatever reason, or getting into a scuffle because they get lost along the way. And then the whole big fake 'celebration' that they had after checking in first in Panama? All the hugging and compliments? I don't believe it for a minute. Yuck. They've been gone for a while, but the memory still sticks out.

In the last episode, the Linz and Weaver families were in a foot race to the finish line in order to claim first place on the leg. One of the eight contestants involved says that she would trip up one of the contestants on the other team in order to gain an advantage. If that's not grounds for expulsion from the game, I don't know what should be. Not only is it physically hindering another team, it's just plain bad form.

And then there's the poor outcast Weavers. While I don't mind a contestant or team professing their choice of religion, they're certainly not the poster children for how to bring others into the fold. When the Weavers came in last the week previous, that was without a doubt the least excited I've ever seen a team that was given a reprieve. So no one else likes them. Big deal. This is a race, not a place to make lifelong friends. Suck it up, kick their asses and move on. After the Early Show, you'll never have to see them again. There's no reason to carry on about how "No one likes us, we're outcasts, and we're the only nice team left in the race." It's just not true.

It's getting to the point where I no longer have anyone to root for. That's unfortunate because the Race is one of my favorite programs, and the last few legs are the most exciting out of the whole thing.

Travis Eberle owns a "Bob Roolz" shirt. E-mail him at


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