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Getting Away from GaS
Robert Seidelman

I remember watching Nick Games and Sports back in 2001 at my uncle Richard's house. It was there that I was immediately sent back to when I first watched such shows as Double Dare, Get the Picture, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Nick Arcade. I was then introduced to other shows such as Finders Keepers, Make the Grade, Think Fast, and the original Wild & Crazy Kids, among others. They had a variety of shows back then that made the network a good flashback to when I was young.

Fast forward to the present, and we see that the network is just a horrible shell of itself. The current lineup now only consists of just six shows. Those shows being Legends of the Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers, Guts, Get the Picture, Figure It Out, and Double Dare 2000. I understand that in this business, you got to do what you got to do in order to survive. However, by getting rid of a lot of variety, including the show that basically made your father network what it is, it just makes the overall quality just dip to lows not seen since the overexposure of Newlywed Game and other craptacular shows on GSN a few years ago.

I completely understand that the network is trying to appeal to the 10-16 crowd by showing the shows that they watched when they were babies, but as a person of 19 years of age who grew up with these shows on Nickelodeon, it just rips my heart out and tells you that you were adopted all in one action. I honestly don't know if this lineup is permanent, but I do know that it is possibly the worst lineup that I have seen for any network for a long while.

I wish GaS would comeback with a lineup that would make use of it's library to the fullest while appeasing everybody. However, it may be impossible because of it's limited library and no exposure anywhere else. Not even it's father network, Nickelodeon, makes any mention of it's existence on air.

I watched the network religiously to relive my elementary school days and felt good about it. Now I find myself avoiding the network religiously and feel good about it.

Robert Seidelman has stocked up on Maalox until the present situation is rectified. E-mail him at


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