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I Vote to Evict "Big Brother"
Travis Eberle

Those who read my last OTB piece know that I enjoy Big Brother very much. Even so, there are some events from the past few weeks that have taken away some of the fun.

On episode 18, the HOH game was Face the Facts. Everything is fine until April, Beau and Janelle are the last ones and compete in a tiebreaker question. The question asked how many lightbulbs were in the SOLD OUT sign used in a Battleship-type game for a luxury competition. Janelle holds up the number "300", but upside down. After Julie prompts her, Janelle changes her answer to 275. The correct answer was 286, so Janelle was declared the winner, even after answers were supposed to be locked in. Beau should have won that competition, since Janelle went over. Bad producers! Bad! If Janelle were any other kind of person, I wouldn't mind so much, but she is who she is, and I don't like her one bit. Those who have seen the show would know why.

I know that the key to these shows is conflict and interesting characters/personalities, but I would love to see Howie walk out the door tomorrow. His relentless baiting of April earlier in the game was reprehensible. Then, we have his shenanigans from last night's episode. I tells ya, if you were to reach into my bag of Reese's Pieces without asking, I hope you weren't too attached to those fingers, because you aren't getting them back. I want him gone so very badly.

The most recent Head of Household game had players answering questions based on which of two contestants had answered a question in a particular way from their entrance questionnaire. Not terribly interesting, since it's a race to score as many as possible. They soup it up by having players place magnetically charged disks on the appropriate side to answer. A little better, I suppose. But the thing that cinches it is that some of the questions used in the game had players who were currently competing in the competition as choices. It's inexcusable when there are ten other contestants to use to have to have that happen.

On the upside, there are only three weeks left in the show, so my suffering will end soon. Of course, "The Amazing Race" begins their bastardized Family edition soon. Survivor gets all of my attention this fall.

Travis Eberle has had just about enough of this year's Orwellian-inspired contest. Console him at Please?


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