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"Fact in the Head" Was a Pain in the...
Jason Block

The chill of a cold October Monday Night set in as a friend of mine and I set out to experience "Fact In The Head" at Rififi, a bar/club on the east side of Manhattan. It is billed as "The Game Show for the People Who Hate Game Shows". And the best part...the admission was free.

The pedigree of the producer of the show is pretty good. Jamie Greenberg co-created MTV's "Lip Service" and PBS' "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?". So I went with the high expectation set by this pedigree and the incredible stage show out in Los Angeles by J. Keith Van Straaten's
"What's My Line".

That is why it was such a big disappointment to see what happened. The performance space is very small, so the max audience is about 30. Greenberg plays Hosty Hostman, a parody of all bad game show hosts. His lovely hostess, Thistle was the typical vapid game show hostess in a dress with no brain and semi-witty banter. This was billed as an "all-out battle of the sexes". Two contestants, one male and one female were battling for prizes for their sex in the audience.

Some elements of the show worked. The "wheel of topical monologues" was cute. Using Snapple bottles to form a question was a nice touch.

But the main problem of the show was that the game show element was a vehicle for comedy. And the comedy was bad. Really bad. One comic seemed to do a stream of consciousness routine that wasn't there and another was just filthy. And the prizes for the audience were...condoms. I am not kidding.

I wish I could recommend "Fact In The Head." But it seems that the game show element, which is somewhat touched on, is not respected. It is a device for bad bad comedy.

"Fact In The Head" just gave me a headache.

Jason Block has many facts in his head. E-mail him another at


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