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Travis Eberle

End of the season. Pomp and circumstance of sorts. Time for our Moment of Zen. Lots of things to celebrate. Champions, wraps and awards. So, get a Cold One of your choice, a snack, put your feet up and enjoy.

First up, congratulations to Meredith Vieira, on winning the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host. You've truly made the host's job on Millionaire your own. You deserve it, for nothing more than hearing the 'lights down' cue five thousand times. It's appointment viewing for me, and I welcome you into my home every weekday night. Best wishes in 2005-2006.

Congratulations to winners Uchenna & Joyce Agu (Uchenna is from Seattle, he worked at a television station here many years ago), Tom Westman, Sergio Mora and Carrie Underwood. Each is truly deserving of winning their various competitions that ended recently. It's nice to see the 'good guys' win. Too bad it doesn't happen more often. We will be seeing more of the Amazing Race, Survivor and American Idol, but The Contender isn't so lucky. A shame, too, since it was a legitimate boxing tournament, with minimal 'reality show' elements.

Now, to the tournaments that ended. Congratulations to the Hogg family, who won $80,000 in a sudden death tiebreaker to cap the Family Feud Tournament. Too bad Richard sucked all the drama out of it.

And a toast to Teresa Lee, the winner of the Street Smarts Tournament. As the last new show the Smarts will ever do, it's a fine way to go out. The tournament was a great idea, in format and execution. Too bad they didn't think of it in season three, when the whole thing was getting a bit old. Farewell, Smarts, it was a good run. Frank, I hope you land on your feet, you deserve another show.

Big ups to Stump the Schwab winner Adam Garfield. You fought a good fight, but couldn't quite put him away. Enjoy the $5,000 and trip to the ESPYs, as well. That's another show I hope gets another season.

You really thought I was going to forget Jeopardy? Not a chance. The very first OTB fifteen weeks ago dealt with the super tournament. I was pleased and disappointed. Pleased to see 145 of the greatest people to ever grab a signaling button get to play again for some big money, bragging rights, and a chance to play against a legend. The first fourteen weeks were great, even up to the semi-final rounds.

Unfortunately, the three-game final was disappointing to me. What had been built up as a clash of the titans turned into Brad going nuts on the buzzer, racking up tons of dough, and coasting to an easy win. I'm happy for him, Ken and Jerome, all three earned their spot in the finals, but it just wasn't the same as tournaments where everything is up in the air until Final Jeopardy! ends. I was left hungry for more. I still enjoyed the tournament overall, though. Unfortunately, I think this counts as the year's tournament of champions, since there are only four people qualified to compete.

Even though many of the shows above are ending soon for the summer break, On the Buzzer isn't going anywhere. There are always enough topics, shows and things to write about that we'll be here for a long time. Thank you for reading, because as Jim Perry said on Card Sharks so many times, "Without you, we're nothing."

Travis Eberle was valedictorian of GSNN's Class of 2004. You can give him props at


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