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Family Fallout
Chico Alexander

Quick quiz. When does three days count as four?

Answer: When you return on a technicality on "Family Feud."

Technicalities are not anything new to the game show realm, or to TV in general. That's why they have that disclaimer tacked to the end credits. You know, "Portions of the program not affecting the outcome of the game have been edited/recreated." It absolves the producers of any liability should the need to edit arise. Granted, it's a pain in the ass to correct as anyone who ever had to replace an entire "Jeopardy!" category can attest, but it absolves the producers of any liability. Such an occurrence happened at the "Price is Right' taping attended by many of us at GSC. And then there are the times where you can't just stop tape and say "let's do it again". That happened on yesterday's TPIR and it resulted in all four Race Game prizes being awarded, but I digress.

Here's the situation. For the past two weeks, there have been two families that have returned on a technicality of some sort, the Bobos and the Senerchias. Richard doesn't make mention of this on the air, but we all know it to be true. After all, why else would a losing family return the next day just to, in the case of the Senerchia family from Queens, get their heads handed to them again?

The other family that had to return after a technical mishap of some sort, on the other hand, has had a run of good fortune. The Bobos have returned not only to face the defending champs again, but to beat them at their own game. So far, they've done so three times, and while they've only run the Fast Money board once, Richard is ready to discharge them without giving them their five shots at the big money. And since 1999, it seems like Fast Money is the sole provider of the bounty of cash and prizes that used to go with the Feud in days of old.

And now, just three years after everything wrong with the current incarnation of the Feud was seemingly fixed, here we have another problem, as the Bobos are being denied their chance at the full run. Granted, we don't know for sure if they'll make it, but if they do, they should've had the possibility at $100,000 like everyone else, instead of the $80,000 that they're currently playing for. As a caveat, as of this writing, they've only won $21,405 out of a possible $60,000.

And this is another example why instances such as "Jeopardy!"'s sky's-the-limit rule works. It allows for a competitor to have an equal shot at a championship reign without hindrance from such limitations as a five-time rule. Because that can be misconstrued on so many levels by so many people. And all it takes is one slip-up to cause a situation such as the Bobo reign to descend into chaos control.

Of course, this could all be water under the bridge and another case of Richard overstepping his bounds as host (something about a man who gets a rise out of tripling the points just puts me off). But if it isn't, then I would imagine that the Bobos could have another case to bring up against FremantleMedia, as the production company has outright promised any one family who is able a chance at up to $100,000.

And while we're on the subject, it's 2005. Is it me, or are five bucks a point a little too much work for not enough benefit. I mean, you give away $20,000 for 200... Why not bump up the values a bit? But alas, that's another rant for another time.

Due to a technical difficulty, Chico Alexander was replaced and the program edited. E-mail him at


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