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A Change Will Do You Good--Or Will It? - August 7

If you have been under a rock the last week, Drew Carey is the new host of "The Price is Right." Last week, I went into why I think Todd Newton got hosed. This week, we will delve into the potential and confirmed changes that are already in process for the game show institution.

1. Syd Vinnedge jumps ahead of Roger Dobkowitz to become Executive Producer. Now...for me this jumps out at me. The last time he executive produced a show was "Wordplay" in 1986. I personally think that Dobkowitz being there since day 1 should have given him some power...but I think that the bean counters at Fremantle thought it would be easier to bring someone from the inside of Fremantle instead of moving Roger up. This is bad. I think Roger would have made the transition for Drew easier...but maybe in the position he is in now, that Roger will guide Drew with a more hands on approach.

2. Drew Carey, in an Access Hollywood interview claims TPIR will go on the road visiting major markets.
This would be a MAJOR coup if it happens. For years, TPIR wanted to do an East coast run in New York City, but due to scheduling and Bob's health, they couldn't do it. Imagine if you will...a week of shows from Cleveland...Drew's hometown! A week from NYC...from Chicago and other places. This would be the best thing to a) introduce Drew to the rest of the country and b) bring TPIR to places it never went before. I have read message boards claiming this move would "be the end" of the show and "They will never watch again." Please. It works for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. And it will work here, if tried out. Get a grip, put on the big girl underpants and move on.

3. Bob Barker, in an Access Hollywood Interview states that Drew Carey will do the "Spay/Neuter" plug after every show.
In a nice bit of class by Drew, he volunteered to do this. That shows that he understands what Bob and that cause meant and still means to the show.

4. Finally, there have been rumors that set pieces will be rebuilt and touched up, and the theme song will be remixed in stereo by the song writer Edd Kalehoff.
This, I hope, will be in advance of TPIR finally going into the 21st century...and HD Broadcasting. As you may or may not know, TPIR shoots it's shows with HD Cameras, but doesn't show it in HD...yet. We all have to get digital tuners/TVs by this could be the first step for show going into HD. It works for Jeopardy and Wheel! It should for this.

As we approach the first week of tape dates, a lot of changes are on the horizon for the show. It really bugs me that people have been claiming that TPIR died on June 15 when Bob left. Again, I may not like Drew Carey as much as other people do. But I am not going to wish the show's failure because I didn't get what I wanted.

As the Sheryl Crow song says, "A change will do you good." Only time will tell, if the changes that are happening at Studio 33 will be good for us--the fans.

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