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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

My Younger Brother - July 3

This is the Block Party – and I am bored no more! This week, "Big Brother 8" debuts and we have a scenario where something all of us railed about is coming to full bore.

According to Variety, half the cast is under 25, one is under 21 and three work in a bar. The Variety article also shows the pictures of the housemates. And yes, they are all attractive. Most of them are white. And none of them look like they missed a head shot, modeling gig or health club workout in their lives.

So what happened here...CBS in a obvious boost after the crappy All-Star edition of last summer wants to inject some life here. They want hot people and the tension is going to be high with "frenemies" (friends/enemies) moving in as well.

Now this is the perfect example of stunt casting. Big Brother/Endemol/CBS is known for casting the pretty people on the show. But the 24 hour feeds have nothing to do with whats happening this year.

Showtime Networks is showing "Big Brother: After Dark". It will feature a live, unedited feed from the "Big Brother" house, three hours a night (midnight till 3 am ET/PT) on ShoToo, Showtime's widely available companion net.

This could be fun. If they allow everything...I want to see it drugs and rock and roll baby! I want nekkid body parts and hot monkey love. If they give us something we want to see...then all the better.

Because honestly, I am not a fan of Big Brother. But if they can make this a true voyeur’s paradise, then more power to you.

And yeah, I hope they improve the gameplay too.

You agree or disagree? Fire me off a letter at


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