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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

Praise to GSN - April 3

Although this column is dated two days after April Fool’s Day...this is no joke. I think GSN (a/k/a The Network for Games, a/k/a Game Show Network) is getting back more and more to the roots of the classic game show with a 21st century twist.

The 21st Century Twist is interactivity. From it’s launch date on December 1, 1994 to now, interactive gameplay has been a staple. From "Club A.M" to "Prime Games" to the Playmania Block of today, players from home have always won cash and prizes. (Anyone remember "Inquizition?"). After the debacle of "MyGamesFever", "Text2Win" and "Midnight Money Madness", who would have thought that "Quiznation" and "100 Winners" would be the examples used to show the best in the interactive quiz genre? And the Playmania block, which makes loads of cash, is being used to promote the Playmania Block and to develop new programs. More on those in a minute.

But what really is cool is that they have realized mistakes. The spending of millions of dollars to get "The Amazing Race" was a huge failure. But in the ashes of failure they get to promote new shows such as Lingo(now in it’s 6th season...the little word show that could), a 2nd season of Chain Reaction, and even newer shows such as a 40 episode pick up announced last week for "Camouflage".

Also, the gambling shows they put on are of high quality. "High Stakes Poker" and "World Series of Blackjack" and even the "3 Card Poker" championship, means that they are willing to embrace good quality gambling shows.

And they are willing to try new things. "Cat-minster" isn’t everyone’s cup of tea... "World-Wide Web Games may not be either. And their documentary series which highlighted different aspects of game shows was very well done.

I can honestly say that GSN is moving in the right direction. What they need to continue to do is the following:

–Continue to use the Playmania money to put into newer original game programming, as well to improve the Playmania block;
–Rotate the reruns in the classic block to get more shows people haven’t seen as well as continue to try get more of the Older shows.
–I would love them to do a Saturday morning kids block of shows like "I’m Telling" or maybe pick up new kids shows in a slap to shows like "5th grader"

That would continue to make GSN–The Network for Games and Game Shows.

Wanna play? Because I am in.

You can join the Block Party at


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