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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

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Summer Preview - May 29
In last week’s column, I gave you what the major networks and syndicated offerings were doing. In this week’s edition, those people who can’t get enough of reality show and game show offerings have a lot to look forward to. Here are what the TV executives want you to watch instead of going out and enjoying yourself:
"On the Lot"– Fox’s newest entry into the reality show genre had a major pedigree with both Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett attached to it. However, the ratings didn’t belay that fact, and with those two looks like every reality show before it. Challenges, votes, and a million dollar film deal are what is at stake this time. Could be that the only people who are watching were the same people who watched "Project Greenlight".
"So You Think You Can Dance"– American Idol fans(and those who like to watch Cat Deeley) and people who can’t get enough of the dancing rejoice as this show comes back for Season 3. We get the requisite American Idol formula...auditions(both good and bad), cuts, and then voting rounds. With a successful tour and successful ratings watch for this to be another summer hit.
"Pirate Master" - To sate the fans of "Survivor" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", Mark Burnett has another big budget extravaganza on his hand. 16 "pirates" search for Gold and become "Captain of the Ship". To me, this could be a lookalike and something could be really wrong here.
-"The Next Food Network Star"–One of my favorite reality shows on the air is back for another season. The show that made Guy Fieri and Dan and Steve tv stars makes another run at the big time. And with Marc Summers producing, this is one of my top shows I am looking forward to.
--"World Series of Blackjack" -- GSN returns for Season 4 of the competitive blackjack show. Much better than Ultimate Blackjack Tour, GSN will continue to garner the high ratings as they continue to produce high quality gambling show. And it will give players a fix until the new season of "High Stakes Poker".
--"America's Got Talent" - Season 2 brings a ton of changes to last year's breakout summer hit. New host(Jerry Springer), new judge(Sharon Osbourne, replacing Brandy who is boiling in legal hot water), and the Hoff returns hopefully sober. Can the show that launched Bianca Ryan and Leonid the Magnificent do it again? Time will tell, but I am not so sure.
--"American Inventor" How this got a 2nd season, I don't know. Not even George Foreman can save this dog...did you buy the 1st product that won? Or do you even remember what won? Don't worry, I didn't either.
--"Yo Momma Atlanta" -- Season 1 was LA, Season 2 was NY, and now the South has its chance to show who is the best trash talker in the land. Wilder Valderrama comes back as jokemeister. This is ok fun, but it wears thin after a few viewings.
--"Hell's Kitchen" -- Gordon Ramsay comes back to belittle and broil a new set of potential chefs. People seem to eat this up, but I don't. While "Next Food Network Star" emphasizes the cooking, this shows the drama. Not my thing, but if you want to watch, be my guest.
--"Last Comic Standing 5"-- Bill Bellamy takes over the hosting duties over this show, the reality show that just wont die. Let's hope we actually talented comics that are not friends of the producers and actually good unsigned talent. Not holding my breath.
--"Without Prejudice"-- This is my most anticipated show of the summer. GSN has either a huge hit or a press nightmare on their hands. I hope the former. Take 5 contestants and a panel of judges and through looks, videos and beliefs determine who wins $25,000. Watch out for this show in July.
--"Who Wants to Be A Superhero" - The cult hit returns for Season 2 with more zany fun. Watch Stan Lee try to determine which person deserves their own comic book.
--"Camouflage" - GSN gets a chance for more original games as Roger Lodge hosts this hidden word trivia/quizzer. I hope this show gets good ratings as GSN continues to try and throw everything at the wall and see it stick.
Throw in Big Brother 8, and you have enough to last you to the fall. Hope you enjoy the summer.

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