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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

What If... - April 10

The Block Party wants to take a scenario that is playing out on our TV screens to a very interesting conclusion. As everyone who watches American Idol knows, Sanjaya Malakar is, as of this writing, still in the running to be your next American Idol. And everyone believes that in a few weeks all will be right in the world and he will be a footnote on the way to a victory by Melinda Doolittle or someone else.

But...let’s play this out here. What if the websites like and Howard Stern get their wish. What if on May 23, 2007 the world would be shocked to hear the words come out of Ryan Seacrest’s mouth.... "And the American Idol for 2007 is...SANJAYA MALAKAR!"

Logically, the world would be stunned. Howard Stern’s ego would get even more massive than it already is. would claim legitimacy like never before. And the fans of American Idol would take to the streets not unlike the sign at ECW’s "One Night Stand II" in 2006–"If Cena Wins, We Riot!".

What else do I think would happen? Well, I believe the federal government would get involved and actually pass legislation to regulate the voting and the production of voting based reality shows that involved the American public. The outcry (sad as it may be) from the 30 million people who watch AI would be SO massive, the process would have to change.

Next, I believe that American Idol would be, for all intensive purposes, damaged beyond repair. Fox would cancel the show, claiming that Sanjaya’s victory has tainted the show and that the integrity of the show would be more important than keeping it on the air.

Finally and more importantly, I believe if Sanjaya won AI6, that the vote-based reality genre would be dead. Shows like "Dancing With the Stars", "Nashville Star" and others would have to change or be caught up in the scandal.

Now–let me try and put this in a little bit of perspective. Isn’t it funny that because someone the majority of the public doesn’t like is continuing to move closer to win, the louder the din gets that a show is fixed, rigged, et al? The real reason why Sanjaya Malakar gets closer and closer to this "nightmare scenario" is two-fold (and this happens every year, folks--this isn't news)...

– the singers who have left have not been talented enough to make Sanjaya look awful enough for him to be sent home.

– and, YOU. That’s right. YOU. You haven’t voted for the singers you like, and not cared enough. Ratings are down, and vote totals are down.

So, If you WANT this scenario to continue, don’t vote. Or vote for Sanjaya thinking you will bring down American Idol.

Just one piece of advice–be careful what you wish for.

You can join the Block Party at


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