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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

In the Year 2007 - June 5

In the near future, condemned criminals will play for their freedom on live TV.

The year is 1999. A TV Network plans to show a live execution on pay-per-view TV.

The year is 2007. A TV Network Executive in Holland plans a reality show to determine which of three people deserves to get a kidney from a dying person with a brain tumor.

To let you in the gag, the first scenario is, of course, "The Running Man", which was hosted by Richard Dawson (in an Oscar Worthy performance)

The second scenario is a part of a 1994 TV movie, "Witness to the Execution" starring Sean Young.

The third one, happened this past week...for real. Almost
As word leaked out that "The Donor Show" (a live reality show based out of Amsterdam) would actually be giving out a live kidney to one of three actual kidney patients, the world was in horror. "How can you play God?" was one of the nicer reactions to it. But people were glued to the train wreck, waiting for June 1 to happen.

But then the train wreck got really nasty. Turns out "The Donor Show" was one big fat hoax. The presenter, Patrick Lodiers revealed the patient to be an actress and the three patients were in on the gag. They wanted to do this to reform the Dutch’s government laws on organ donations because 200 people die a year in Holland waiting for kidneys.’s my question. First of all, Endemol (who allegedly produced the show) should be ashamed of themselves. The idea may have been a noble one...but doing it in the form of a reality show tarnishes all the good reality shows that are out there.

Secondly, did they actually think they could get away with doing that? I mean, instead of doing the usual "Ha-Ha this is a hoax and this is what we REALLY wanted to do" scenario, if they truly had some stones–go do it. Actually see if they could get away with giving away a kidney. That would have made for amazing train wreck TV. I have been to Holland. Holland is a VERY liberal country. I think they could have gotten away with doing it.

And you know what I believe is the worst part of it all. There has to be some executive somewhere in the US going, "What a cool idea. Wish I would have thought of it." or "When can we pitch this?"

Because, we as a society, love this sort of this stuff. If you watched Network in 1976, or the Running Man in has sadly imitated life.

You agree or disagree? Fire me off a letter at


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