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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

Who is Heir to the Throne - April 17

The Block Party is here to answer the biggest question in the world of Game Shows...who will replace Bob Barker next September on Season 36 of the longest running Game Show....the Price is Right.

As of this writing, the rumored announced date of Barker's replacement will be May 16, 2007 when CBS does the Fall Upfronts for September 2007 (for those not in the TV business...that is when CBS will announce its fall schedule to the press and to the network affiliates.) The announcement is being awaited by both the press and the fan community alike.

What I am going to do is rank them in my opinion from least likely to who I think will get the job. Again, this is my opinion and I am taking into effect the 9 candidates who have been rumored to get the job or who have auditioned in front of a live audience, not people who I personally would like to see there. So here we go.

PROS: Funny, jovial weatherman (see what happened with Pat Sajak)
CONS: No real hosting experience, audition tape said to be awful. Lack of name recognition.

Although Dave’s Price is Right would have been a cool name....his audition tape was rumored to have been so bad that it knocked him out of the competition. Les Moonves on CBS was very high on him in the beginning, but after seeing the tape, it was over. No chance.

PROS: Hosted "Beauty and the Geek"
CONS: Who? Very little name recognition.

Mike’s hosting experience on the show may have got his name thrown in the hat...but very few people know him outside of the CW show. No chance.

PROS: Huge Q rating, legit game show fan, hosting experience.
CONS: Too controversial for a middle of the road daytime game show.

While this choice could be interesting (Rosie has wanted to host a game show for YEARS), especially with the Don Imus situation just simmering down, CBS/Moonves and Fremantle do not want another press nightmare to handle down the road. No chance again, but if Rosie had behaved herself...this COULD have happened.

PROS: Hosted The New Price is Right in 1994
CONS: Hosted The New Price is Right in 1994, very little name recognition outside of soaps.

Doug had his shot at the brass ring...and well...didn’t do so hot. Whether it was the game or the changing of the just wasn’t his day. He has done some game shows, but this isn’t his time. Very dark horse.

PROS: Very high recognition factor.
CONS: Hosting experience limited to one game show.

While Steines is rumored to be in the top three....I don’t put him there. He is a good looking guy, but his experience is very, very limited. Will they give to a total unknown in the hosting world....probably not. Outside shot at best.

PROS: Hosted game and reality shows before, very high likeability factor. Well known
CONS: A little young for the hosting job, not enough hosting experiences.

Lopez is a fine choice, but his hosting experience has been B-List shows..and his game show experiences have been limited to kid-based shows and animal acts. This is not a criticism of his hosting skills, I just don’t think his hosting experience is enough to put him in the upper echelon. Outside shot at best.

PROS: Skews towards the age group CBS is looking for, massive name recognition, hosting experience.
CONS: Show Killer....doesn’t take the show seriously.

Now this one puzzles me...and I like George, but this one scares me. He was horrible as the host of "The Family", but I think CBS is seeing the Q-Factor and not the hosting experience. If they do this, the show dies within a year. But I say the odds are 50-50 he gets the gig.

PROS: Class Act, Proven Game Show Host, brings an air of respectability to anything he touches.
CONS: Will Fremantle let him go from Feud to host Price?

Here we go. A class host who was the best thing about the revival of "To Tell The Truth", has resurrected a dying show in "Family Feud" and really would be a great choice to host the show. However, will the company let him go? Not sure. If I were Fremantle, he would be my backup to my #1 choice. But he won’t get the job...

PROS: HUGE fan of the show itself, attended multiple tapings, hosts the live show in Vegas, has vast hosting experience, huge fanbase in the game show community.
CONS: Can he handle the pressure if given the gig? Not as well known outside the community...

Of the candidates mentioned, Todd has everything. He has a passion for game shows like none of the other 8. He has hosted "Whammy", "Hollywood Showdown" , "Powerball Instant Millionaire" and others. He SHOULD have been the host of "Gameshow Marathon" and has had very few negative spots..."Made In the USA" notwithstanding. He is 37, and by all rights, should be the heir to the throne...Will CBS do the right thing and give him the long microphone... I do. He gets the gig.

You agree or disagree? Fire me off a letter at

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