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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

More Random Musings - May 8

Well, more thoughts just seem to be coming through my brain, so I need to share them all with you.

¦ There was a bit of trepidation this past week when Ty Treadway was announced as the host of "Let’s Play Crosswords." That, along with the name Rossi Morreale as the host of "Temptation" sent a collective "Huh?" there as well. My words of advice–wait and see. I give Merv a lot more credit (Rolf Benirschke, notwithstanding) to give unknowns with talent and drive a chance at greatness. I mean--who would have thought Howie Mandel, Bob Saget, Meredith Vieira, Penn Jillette would become good (and in Meredith and Howie’s cases–very good) hosts. Give it time, and on September 10...cheer them on...don’t root for them to fail because they aren’t the ones you wanted to.

¦ I think GSN is going to either have the biggest hit of the summer or the biggest case of bad press when "Without Prejudice" premieres in July. Having been in a rehearsal, I can say if they keep the British format and they don’t just cast touchy feely types, this could be explosive in the post-Imus fallout. My prediction–this will be the water cooler show of the summer season.

¦ Okay, people. We all want to know who the next host of Price is going to be...but there has been so many rumors, red herrings etc. that I am starting to tire of the chase. Let’s just wait for the announcement and get on with life, ok?

¦ Here’s a wild bit of cynical David Hasselhoff that crazy enough to release a tape of himself drunk because a) he has an autobiography coming out on May 15 and b) America’s Got Talent is coming on in early June? Or is it another sad state of the "gotcha" electronic journalism of the TMZ’s, ET’s and Access Hollywood’s?

¦ Outside of the pop charts...where’s Chris Daughtry? I mean, he got paid to use the second single from "Daughtry" (Home) on American Idol. But even though all five winners were on would kind of expect him to be there since his album has sold over 2.3 million copies, no? I mean, are you that bitter, Chris?

¦ Paris Hilton in Jail? Now, THAT’S Surreal.

¦ Why is it that so many people have to either get naked in Playboy (Kristin Lefevbre) or full on hardcore (Toastee) to get their point across....I think that shows you are relying totally on your body and not your brains...

¦ And finally, it’s Mother’s Day. Call your mom, grandmom, stepmom on Sunday. They were the one who gave birth to you and took care of you all those years. As you know, my grandmother who lived until 103 was one of the most special people in my life. Don’t forget the special people this Sunday–or the other 364 days of the year.

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